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Friday Free for All- Random Schtuff

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• I have pneumonia. Very fun times around here, let me tell you. I did (finally—after almost 2 weeks) go to the doctor yesterday and got myself some antibiotics, an inhaler and a chest x-ray. I already feel 100 times better.
• We are making our annual outing to Letchworth State Park tomorrow, one week earlier than normal, and meeting up with some family for a picnic. I am excited for family fun, but also to go and take our Annual Autumn Photo. I hope that the weather holds out for us.
• I had to overcome serious Nervous Tummy last week to tell a strange lady that she was walking in to the men’s room. In addition to NT, I have a crazy fear of walking in to the men’s bathroom by mistake. So that won out and I averted a crisis for this poor lady.
• Bud had an altercation with a boy on the bus. The boy stuck his finger in his face and told him that he was not his friend. Bud bit his finger. When we talked to him about it, he told us that his feelings were hurt that the boy did not want to be his friend; a new feeling for him because is daycare and preschool, he was the kid everybody wanted to be friends with. I was torn between being pissed that Bud would bite anyone, and having my own feelings hurt because his feelings were hurt. Hub made him go across the street and apologize and the bus driver agreed not to report it to the school—otherwise, he would be kicked off the bus. It is so hard to be a parent in this type of situation. Most of me is like “It serves the little shit right for being a piss pot!!” But as a parent, I need to send the right message to Bud that this sort of behavior is unacceptable.
• I have been shopping for children’s clothes on Ebay lately and for Lucy, it has worked out so well! For a total of $40 (2 different auctions—including shipping) I got her 10 full outfits, a few sweatshirts and 4 pair of jeans. Stuff that looks brand new. I am pleased. And also ready to start selling some of my own stuff on there. I think I can make a killing! We’ll see, I suppose.

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  1. I just started selling Parker's old clothes on eBay. It's time consuming but sort of fun. Wait – what size are you buying?? Or email me your name so I don't gouge you on the prices (kidding – I don't really gouge people).Also, I did walk into a men's room on accident once and I wasn't even drunk. It was a Mexican restaurant and I had to pee reallyreallyreally bad. I was in such a hurry, I just went in, went into a stall and peed. It wasn't until I walked out to wash my hands that I noticed the urinals and I looked around wondering "why are there urinals in the ladies room?" b/c I just couldn't believe what I'd done. Thank the gods there was no one in there but me. I was so embarrassed to be seen walking out, though.Have fun this weekend!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm feeling my cold that was just sinus stuff shift south into a cough. I'm hoping it stays out of my chest. I'll keep treating it for now. No fun to be sick.Have a great time at the park. I can't wait to see photos again. I love that you do them each year.What a tough spot to be in with Bud. I think you handled it well.I'm considered using Ebay to sell clothes. But I'm afraid to let go of anything just yet. I'm a little overly attached to his clothes for now.

  3. I also have a fear of going in the men's bathroom!!! I'm constantly second-guessing myself when I'm in a stall … looking at people's shoes to make sure I'm in the right place. What a wacko, huh? 🙂

  4. Oh, I know just what you mean about those conflicted feelings and wanting to send the right message! ACK!Glad you have some good medicine making you feel better! (Er, not about the Bud thing. Different topic.)


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