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Eat it….just eat it….

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I have to admit that I may have been a bit arrogant in the past about my children’s eating habits. Upon hearing stories about a child refusing to eat anything but say, a cheese quesadilla for dinner, for nights on end. I’d scoff to myself “it’s because that is what you let him do…”.

Here is a list of things that Liv will eat consistently:
• Cantaloupe
• Cheerios
• That.Is.All.

I don’t know what to do about it. I give her just about everything we eat. And after a bite or 2, she is spitting it out. Not even maliciously spitting, just casually opening her mouth and letting the offender fall out. I don’t know if it is her molars, or her ears (did I mention she has a consult for tubes at the end of the month), or if she is just being picky, or what. What I do know is that by the time my other children were here age, they were not still taking 3-4 bottles a day and they most certainly were eating a wide variety of table food. And up until recently, Liv was too. She loved to eat. LOVED. Now, not so much. And I am lost as to what to do. My only saving grace is to give her a fork with whatever we are eating, and she does eat some of it until the novelty of the fork wears off.

For now, I am discounting it as a phase, and loading her up on cantaloupe.

She’s lucky she is cute.

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  1. Ack! Food issues give me gas. Not literally. We've had a non-eater since she began solid foods and it is SO hard not to stress about it. Some days I do better than others. I'll keep my fingers crossed that IF she has to have tubes, it'll be some kind of magic for you.

  2. Well, she is very, very cute!I'm sure it's just a phase. My kids tend to go through phases where they eat very little dinner, but are good with breakfast and lunch. Maybe she's just not that hungry – milk can be very filling.

  3. Welcome to the dark side…Ok, no. I'll stop. We've been 'round and 'round with the picky eater issues here. I'm sure it is just one of those phases kids go through. My youngest isn't really eating right now. I kind of shrug my shoulders and move on. He'll eat if he's hungry.

  4. I agree that it's a phase. She won't eat like that forever. Keep doing what you're doing. At least you're offering her good choices. She'll come around. And at least she has the cute thing going for her.

  5. I know saying, "It's a phase" doesn't help when you're going through it, but she'll be fine. Just keep up the vitamins!

  6. a list of things codi eats. chicken nuggest potatoes (ie hashbrowns and tater tots, not actual potatoes) muffins, and chocolate. anything covered in chocolate. oh wait, how could i forget fucking cheetos. child crack. i swear, the put crack in those things and get kids all kinds of addicted


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