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I was sure that I would have photos from our weekend downloaded by now, but I don’t. This pneumonia is still kicking my ass something fierce. By the time I have worked and picked up the children and have taken care of baths and homework, I am completely wiped. We are going on 3 weeks now, and while I do feel a bit better, I definitely don’t feel normal. Thankfully, I have a vacation next week, and hopefully I will be able to rest up and finally feel better.

This was a sort of unplanned vacation. I was on vacation in July when MIL passed away, and was able to convert those days to bereavement, thereby giving me a few days back. The week of Columbus Day seemed as good a time as any—because of the holiday, I only have to use 4 days, AND Wednesday just happens to be my birthday. So, a vacation I will take. We aren’t going anywhere, and I actually signed Bud up for camp on the holiday so that all 3 kids will be out of the house and Hub and I can finally catch up on housework and some general organization. Bud has school the rest of the week, and the girls will follow their normal grandma’s/daycare routine.

I originally had plans for Friday, which is the girls’ normal day home with Hub, to meet up with a friend and her 2 girls, but my husband made other plans for us. It was funny because I had just been checking out this new boutique hotel and restaurant online, and called him to drop a hint about the dinner for 2/overnight stay/breakfast for 2 packages they have. I casually mentioned it and he was silent. “Sara”, he said, “I just pulled out of their parking lot…” ESP much? So we are doing that Friday over Saturday while the children spend the night with Grandma and Papa. I’m excited about it. It will be the 1st time that all 3 kids have spent the night with them, but I am sure that it will be just fine.

Lets be honest, the gift is as much for Hub as it is for me, but I am looking forward to a fancy dinner, and sleeping in a fancy room without worrying whether the kids will be up screaming at some point. I am looking forward to rolling out of bed when I want to get up and having breakfast at my leisure. And sure, I could do that in the comfort of my own home while they are away, but the hotel makes it kind of special right?

I just might go out and buy a new dress for the occasion.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome birthday! I hope you feel 100 percent better by then, magically! Or at least that the weekend away will be the cure for that last lingering bit of sickness!

  2. That is so funny that your husband made the reservation. Yay for him!I hope you're completely over your pneumonia by then so you can enjoy your birthday. Have a wonderful time!

  3. Enjoy your little get away and time off. I know we enjoyed our weekend away last weekend. It's refreshing. And I sure hope that you're feeling much better soon!

  4. Lucky girl! Enjoy your time away and GET BETTER!

  5. I can never sleep when my kids are not in the same house as me. It is a curse, so I always bring Benedryl.Take pictures of your swanky room and have a wonderful time!

  6. I hope you had an awesome time!

  7. You deserve to have a wonderful celebration my darling friend. I am so pleased for you!!! Have the time of your life and look forward to catching up with you soon. Pre happy birthday lovely. Paprika xxx


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