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The New Job–and more importantly–Can someone meet me in the Dallas airport?

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I feel like the awkward girl in those teeny-bopper movies, who lands the hot guy, but it’s all a big secret. I got a really big promotion yesterday–I mean HUGE–but I’m not allowed to talk about it until a formal announcement is made. And I am just DYING to talk about it.

I want to first say 2 things—thank you all so much for cheering me on through Twitter as I was applying and going through my interviews. My anxiety was through the roof and knowing you guys were out there helped a lot.

The second is that although I have been less than thrilled with my current job and what it has become over the last 12 months, I am grateful to have had it and for what I have learned.

So the new job– it’s a consulting and process ownership position. I am responsible for the processes and the “making it work” piece for an entire line of business. It is a really big deal. I no longer have direct reports, nor do I report to anyone on site. My boss is actually located in Texas (hence my title). There is travel, extra vacation, a laptop and a pretty decent bump in pay involved. This is where I have been looking to go for my whole career. This is why I haven’t minded being called a braniac or a nerd all these years. I have this uncanny ability to retain job information (why this never worked for me in school, I don’t know) and recall it and apply it to all sorts of situations. Only in my work life am I able to talk completely out of my ass until something makes sense. And it has finally paid off for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am terrified. Insanely so. It’s the good kind of scary though, you know what I mean? Like there is so much out there before me, and did it–I’ve made it to the top on my own merit.

I can’t help feeling like a superstar.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news I've heard all weekend. I am so happy for you, and so proud too. I know you are going to shine in this new job. You *are* a superstar, and the promotion sounds well deserved. The best bit: no direct reports (for me personally, I hate being someone's boss). WOO HOO! Send some of your good kudos down under for me sister? I need it. I love you and WELL DONE. Big hugs, Paprika xoxox

  2. Congratulations! You ARE a superstar and I'm so thrilled for you! You deserve it!

  3. That is wonderful!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Yay, hurray! I'm so excited for you. I bet you can't wait to get started…and tell everyone! When will they do that? Hope it all works out well. Good job on the hard work!

  5. You ARE a superstar!!! Have you not seen your picture with the crown on?? Rock on, friend.

  6. Yay! Congratulations!

  7. This is WONDERFUL, CONGRATS!!!!Oh, and if you're going to be traveling to Dallas, would love to meet you!!

  8. Whee! You GO Girl!Err… How NICE for you! No really, so very very happy for you and your awesomeness. Big grins all around. 🙂

  9. Superstar! How wonderful for you! (Now send me some of that new-job-mojo you got going on!)

  10. Dude, this is HUGE! I am so excited for you! You should feel awesome! And I don't twitter so I had no idea.


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