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Friday Free for All–Kid (and cat) Stuff

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• Every time someone tells me that Lucy looks just like me or is my “mini-me”, my heart kind of skips a beat. I don’t know why; it just makes my heart swell. (I don’t see it at all, btw)
• Likewise, every time someone asks me where in the world Liv got her blonde hair from, I want to ballpunch them. Are you implying that perhaps she has a different daddy? No, really. What exactly are you implying? And I feel compelled to explain to people that Hub is the only brown-haired person in his family. His father, sister, aunt and cousins are all red-heads! There are definitely genetics at play. The whole dominant and recessive gene crap. So let’s shut up, ok. Nevermind that she has her brother’s exact face. (as a note, I don’t mind hearing “she so blonde!” or about Lucy “her hair is so shiny and dark!!” it’s the questioning that bugs me)
• Liv is constantly asking questions now. Like full questions as in “can I put my packpack right there?” “Can I have more mulk please?” It’s crazy how she has become a little person all of the sudden.
• Twice this week, Bud’s friend and his mother stopped by and ended up staying for hours. The first was impromptu—they were on a bike ride and saw Bud outside an stopped, so we ended up talking to the mom while the kids played. Last night, the boy called to see if Eddie could play, and I talked with the mom who said she would ride with him and he would come over. And the mom stayed the whole time. I don’t mind that she came and stayed at all, but I did kind of feel bad that she was just standing and then sitting there. And she felt bad because she thought we felt like we needed to entertain her. It was just kind of a weird awkward type of situation. But we did have a nice time talking to an adult while the kids were entertained.
• A few weeks ago, we cleaned out our previously closed off attic. Prior to closing it off, it was the cats’ room—they had litter boxes and toys and all that jazz up there. Since cleaning it out, (Hub cleaned the carpets and everything), the cats (or at least one of them) have been sneaking up there to pee and poop. Where there is no longer a litter box. A few days ago, we found a huge puddle of pee on the basement floor. It was odd—we couldn’t figure out what would possess them to pee right in the middle of the basement floor. Today though, Hub found out what actually happened—they are pissing in the floor vent in the attic—the one that was open to the basement as a vehicle to get heat up there—and it is trickling down to the basement. What the bloody hell? So obviously, we are sealing off the attic again (and cleaning that duct out). But also, we are going to buy 2 jumbo litter boxes since the TEH INTERNETS told me to. If that doesn’t fix it, I don’t know what we’ll do. Sebastian has been known to pee and poop in our bed when something is wrong (like when he is sick or the time my SIL brought fleas in to our house) so I don’t think that’s the issue. Hopefully it is just that they remembered that the upstairs used to be the poop room. If they don’t cut it out though, I’m gonna cut them!! (ok, not really)

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  1. oh cats . . . it's too bad they're so cute. Everyone ALWAYS asks us how our kids are so blond since we both have very very dark hair (naturally at least). Now I'm wondering if I should be offended damn it! Actually I just think it's funny but we were both really blond when we were little. Screwy genetics . . .

  2. I have 1 blond hair, blue eyed child and get comments all the time. It's annoying. Oh cats, cats, cats. I'm grateful that my cats either go outside to do their business or use their boxes appropriately. We had a cat for 10 years that we had to surrender to the shelter because he peed all over our floors, even here at the new house. 😦

  3. Huh. I think if someone said something like that to me (i.e. "Where does your child get that red hair from?!") I would just stare at them and say, "The mailman."

  4. I get the "mini me" comment all the time and I never know how to respond. Thanks? Well, I did create her, so it isn't unheard of but it sounds egotistical somehow. Also, I never know if it's meant as a dig or a compliment.

  5. I have been asked about our kids' hair and eyes so many times I've just had to steel myself to it or I would be a crazy woman by now. I am so dark haired and brown eyed and olive skinned and they are SO fair and blond and blue eyed that people literally say things like, "Are they yours or just your husband's?" Like maybe I'm their stepmom, I guess? But eevn if I were, why is that your business?!


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