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Vacation in 7 Bullets

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1. 5 hours in the truck with 3 children. They were actually pretty decent on the ride down. They had movies and games plus it was very early in the morning, so the baby conked out. But the ride back was BRUTAL. There was fighting and whining and crying and NOBODY slept. Except for Hub that is, because he always sleeps in the car. (grrr) We took his truck because the AC is out in my mini-van so the kids sat 3 in a row in the back seat. NEVER AGAIN.
2. Planning an activity right on the first day worked out very well. We stopped at Indian Echo Caverns for the tour and the kids were able to unwind on the playground before we went on the tour. We really enjoyed it too.

3. I tweeted about sucking it up and calling the hotel to get the internet deal that had expired before we booked, and I was able to get a bit of a discount there. When I checked us in, I was talking to the front desk about where we were from and it turned out that he was from our hometown. He gave me more of a discount because he was ‘taking care of his own’. I was so pleased that I didn’t even complain when we lugged all of our stuff up to our room to find that housekeeping had just started cleaning it. We were moved immediately, so it wasn’t a huge deal anyway. Just the re-carrying of all the stuff was annoying.
4. We decided to do Chocolate World that evening as well because it was still early and they were open until 9. The children—they were wild. Chocolate combined with the crazy from the car ride….um, yeah. But it was fun. They got to pretend they worked in the factory and everything. Plus the infamous chocolate factory (FAKE!! FAKE!!!) tour, and we were pretty happy.

5. Hershey Park was open from 10-8 and we spent the entire day there on Wednesday. It was HOT. Like 94 humid degrees hot. The kids had a fabulous time on the rides and in the water park. Hub and I enjoyed ourselves as well, but by the end of the night, I was overheated and crabby. The kids were exhausted too.

6. I would have to say that a 3-day mini-trip is the way to do it with small children. I am glad we didn’t do Disney, because Liv was very hard to handle. They were all very good, but we were glad to be home and back to the usual routine.
7. Now to look forward to a mini trip with Hub in October.

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  1. OMG–that last pic is priceless!

  2. Yay! Looks like a great trip! The photos are all adorable.

  3. Looks like/sounds like a fun little vacation!

  4. The hair! I love the hair on end! Awesome. It sounds like you had a nice time babes. So pleased for you. Love ya, Me xxx Paprika

  5. I completely agree with the mini-vacation concept. Jelly Bean was three and could not handle the 'hurry up and wait' of Disney. Too many late nights, too many early mornings, etc. We plan on going back to Disney probably when I am done nursing, but plan on leaving New Baby with my folks and going for just a couple days with the Big Boys. 🙂


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