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Our first PTA meeting of the year was last night, and aside from cheering my husband on in his duties, and signing up to chair some events (because I have ohsomuch time on my hands), and laughing it up with the principal for 2 hours, I also didn’t eat any cookies. No really, I, cookie junkie extraordinaire, did not eat a single bite. And you guys, it killed me. Nearly killed me dead. On most days, I would trade my children for a gooey fresh baked cookie or brownie, or a cupcake, or anything with frosting. Yet the platters upon platters of cookies that were certainly calling my name, remained untouched—by me anyway.

Hub was kind of put off by my reasoning. I have been tracking my food and calories and trying really hard to stay around 1500 a day to kind of set a baseline. I’m being conscious of what I’m eating. And after we ate dinner last night, chicken Kiev over white rice, by my (or my handy Blackberry app’s) calculations, I was at 1529. Over. And I worked out yesterday morning, so I felt like I was still in the “win” category for the day. And so there were no cookies. Hub is the kind of guy who thinks everything is a gimmick, so surely tracking my calories is just that. He was good though, and did not eat any cookies while I was sitting next to him at the table, but waited until I was up and walking around to eat a million of them.

I was starving when we got home at nearly 9PM, and I could have finished Liv’s Lunchable that was sitting on the table, but I didn’t. I put the kids to bed, watched Seinfeld, and went to bed myself. (Ok, I had a half glass of wine while watching TV thinking it would quell my scratchy throat.) It was probably better that I did got o bed though, because I woke up around midnight in a sweat, but shivering uncontrollably with muscle aches, and the glands in my neck were killing me. I was up on and off in a stupor through the night, and slept in until 6:30 this morning (skipping the gym). After a shower and some Advil, I feel pretty good today, though we’ll see what happens when it wears off.

The sleeping in caused me to have to make some choices this morning though, and I chose packing the kids’ lunches and a shower over packing my lunch bag, so after I dropped Liv off, I had no choice but the drive-thru. I did not get a donut or a buttery bagel, but an egg white flat bread instead. When a friend mentioned how GREAT we’ve done this week, so let’s order something greasy for lunch, I declined.

This is kind of epic. I never say no to cookies.

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  1. Like I said yesterday, you are made of willpower and awesome! Don't you feel great! I'm always so proud when I can avoid something like cookies. Conversely, though, I feel like crap when I cave and eat something I oughtn't. Double edged sword, I guess.Anyhow, you're a rock star!

  2. I'm glad he didn't eat the cookies in front of you, because I sort of hate when Tosc drinks pop/beer (neither of which I'm drinking anymore) when I am sitting RIGHT THERE. It's like, I know it is my choice, but do you have to make it SO OBVIOUS that you don't want to make the same choice? Gah. Dunno. Possibly am overreacting. Still. Good news on the Cookie Avoidance.

  3. good for you!!!! seriously – my weakness is eating salty snacks after the kids go to bed to wake myself up and I've avoided them 6 out of the 7 last nights and I feel like miracle worker. Passing those things up is so hard when it seems like such a little thing to eat one cookie, or grab one donut. It all adds up though and YOU'RE DOING AWESOME!!!!

  4. You are doing great! Sweets are HARD to pass up, especially when evreyone else is eating them.

  5. Look at you go!! GO Saly!Go Saly! woot!

  6. I don't understand how calorie tracking could be considered a gimmick. But I am very impressed at your willpower and good choices. Excellent start!

  7. Passing up sweets is SO hard – you rock! You're inspiring me to get working on my own weight/health issues, too. I went for a five mile bike ride today and am actually motivated to do it again soon. Thanks for inspiring me!

  8. Be proud of yourself!!! You totally deserve it.

  9. Cookies and ice cream – my fatal downfall ingredients. Outta sight = outta mind; but actually when you end up in a social situation and they are there it is so frickin hard to say no to those frickin delicious goodies. It's so frickin hard! GO YOU! I LOVE YA HEAPS!! Paprika xxxx

  10. Your husband's reaction makes me laugh. Homer is the same way. I'll tell him that I'm not eating anything between dinner and breakfast, then he'll offer me something and roll his eyes when I decline.Way to go on the calorie-counting/ will-power thing. I don't know if it gets easier or harder now. I think you're okay if you feel powerful and not resentful.

  11. Quaker oatmeal packets – breakfast in a mug – takes 1 minute in the microwave & eat it in the car…

  12. Anon- Oatmeal is actually my go-to breakfast, but I only like one kind in the whole world (reduced sugar apple), and we were out this morning.I always eat breakfast at work though. Never before or on the way.

  13. That's an impressive string of good choices right there. I'm so the person who would avoid the cookies, but then reward myself with something terribly bad in the drive thru. And I'm beyond influenced by peer pressure, so if someone had given me "permission" by suggesting that I deserved a treat, I would have definitely gone for it. Well done.

  14. I like all the flavors – ha!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – (just found your blog via Swistle)

  15. Good for you! I've made a lot of positive choices in the last week. And I've had a few moments when something really bad sounded really good. So I just had a bit, and I didn't beat myself up for it. I just kept on eating healthy after that. And I'm OK with this. I've even seen a few lbs drop off. It's all about making positive changes.


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