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Friday Free for All- Where I declare this is NOT a Health Kick Blog

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• Ok really- this isn’t going to become a health-kick blog. It is my focus right now though, so it will probably be a popular topic. I feel like I’m being accountable in sharing it with you all.
• And speaking of you all, your comments over these last few days have meant the world to me! To hear all of these “I’m with you sista!!” type of encouragements is really really great.
• I decided not to join the extra program at the gym. Why give them $40 to take pictures of me and weigh me bi-weekly when I can do it at home for free? It did come with a free personal training session, but I don’t think I am anywhere near being ready to work with a trainer, and if I was, I probably wouldn’t do it there. BUT what this means is that I’m going to take pictures of myself—maybe monthly though, and do weekly weigh-ins and just kind of go from there, but in a no pressure sort of way. Pressure makes me quit things. So does discouragement. So there’s that.
• Last thing about Health Kick- It’s really important for me to eat for dinner what the whole family is eating. I’m not going to make them something fabulous, and then just have a salad myself. I may have to have a very small portion of what they’re eating, but we are all eating the same thing. So far it’s been ok, because I have made smart choices during the day, but without some meal planning and shopping, I don’t know how long we can keep on this way.
• I’m hatching a proposal to be working from home full time by the end of the year. There are a bazillion reasons to cite, but the main ones are that *I* want to put my kids on the bus every day, *I* want to be home when they get home instead of 2+ hours later, and I’d like to not spend more than an hour of my day commuting. So, we’ll see. I’m a consultant, and my meetings are all internet and phone based. I think there is a good shot. Let’s also list as a pro the prospect of not being around all these office parties and their food all the time.
• I am planning on getting my Fall eBay listings up this weekend. It’s going to be very nostalgic looking at all of Bud’s tiny baby clothes. There will be a few keepsakes, but the rest is going. Well, if I can sell it anyway. I have stuff of Liv’s that I am selling too, but way way more of Buds because a lot of her things have been through 2 girls and they just aren’t sell-worthy.
• Oh and Hub and I are also going out at some point this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, which was this past Tuesday. 8 years of marriage is hard to believe. So that will be fun too. Well, if we can get someone to watch the kids. Nothing fantastic, probably just dinner and a movie. I’m hoping to engage him in some discussion about our planned mini-trip next month too. As in, where should we go, and exactly when? I’m leaning toward Toronto or The Poconos.

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  1. I was just thinking it was time to get my fall eBay stuff online too. It just takes so damn long, it exhausts me. Okay, well, nearly everything exhausts me but whatever.Have a great weekend!

  2. I got a free personal trainer session at my gym when I joined, and it was the biggest waste of time ever. I wouldn't miss that too much if I were you.

  3. Great list!! Good luck on working from home – that would be great!

  4. Yep, making healthy meals for the whole family is definitely the way to go. But it does take time and thought. It's worth it, though.I hope the job at home works out. If I was working that's what I'd hope for too.


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