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Please don’t look at this and roll your eyes and think “Oh God, another photo post”. Please just indulge me and ooh and ah over these photos because I can not post them on Facebook for my family to ooh and ahh over since I am giving them as gifts.

The following are a few of my favorites from our family photo session on Thursday. We have over 100 shots, so to narrow it down to just a few favorites was hard. But– here they are. Ooh and Aaah away.

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  1. That is A LOT of good pictures! Beautiful family.

  2. Oooo! Ahhhh! And I LOVE to see people's portrait sessions! You got so many good ones!

  3. You got some great ones! I love the one of the kids together looking at the camera, and the family one!

  4. Those are fantastic photos. We need to go get ours taken. We keep saying that, yet we haven't scheduled an appointment. And we even have a photographer lined up, we just need to get a hold of her. OK, I'm calling this week.I love the family photo and those are great shots of your kids too. They are so grown up!

  5. Oh, your family is so beautiful! All of you! These will make WONDERFUL Christmas gifts.

  6. Oh! You're kids are HUGE! GIANT!Where are the pink cheeked baybeeees?!?You've got to be so proud, yes?

  7. Ohhhh! Just lovely! You all look great! Thank you for sharing!

  8. i cannot believe how grown the kids have gotten! i'd never be able to choose.and you have not changed a bit in the 10 years or so that i have known you! beautiful family you have. love it!


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