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I’ve been having some crazy dreams these last few days. I’ve had no fewer than 3 where I was dreaming that I was pregnant. Last night, I dreamt that I was carrying twins. It was all so very realistic and I chalked having twins up to having touched a fertility necklace in a pottery shop this past weekend. (I did actually see fertility necklaces in that shop, but outside of dream land, I *DID NOT* touch them.) Those dreams are weird to wake up from; I almost always feel a little bit lost/emotional because of how real the feeling of being pregnant was, and how real the feeling of knowing it was all just a dream, is.

When I stayed with my Aunt this weekend, I had a horrific dream in which Hub decided he was going to publish a recipe to my blog. And after he did this, he emailed the link to a lot of people so they could read it. The list of people included my mother who commented on the post. I was unsure whether or not she’d read any of the other entries and was furiously scrambling to delete and hide things before she could get to them. I woke up in a panic. It was crazy. Putting things on the internet is crazy. Probably, if I’d had my computer, this whole blog would be gone; that is how panicked I was.

Things always seem better in the light of day though, thank goodness.

I had a really nice spell of 5-ish days sans children. My parents had them Wednesday and Thursday, I signed them up for “camp” on Friday, and I left for the weekend on Friday afternoon. I missed those crazy bastards. I didn’t even get my shoes off Sunday afternoon before I was wiping Liv’s bum. I swear, she waited for me to come home to do any pooping.

She is still at daycare, but the big kids are upstairs making a huge amount of noise as I am preparing for a conference call that begins at 5. I sent them each off to read for 30 minutes, and still…noise. Of course, when I came upstairs to check on them after they got home from school, FIL was preparing root beer floats at his table for them. Bud brought him the pop and ice cream; all he had to do was scoop. Oh, a very appropriate afterschool snack.

It’s no wonder they’re crazy up there.

I’ll miss them when they’re sleeping though.

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  1. I would say I'm 90% certain you will have another baby. And I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

  2. Love Swistle's comment. 🙂

  3. Yay Babies! Oooo, can't wait. And with your job the way it is now? I think it would work out so well.Also, OMG I know exactly how you feel. They are driving me freaking fracking inSANE, but oh, how I miss them when they are sleeping.*Sniff*


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