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I don’t even know anymore

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Man I have been MOODY these last couple of days. I think the 5-ish days of going to bed at midnight and sleeping uninterrupted are catching up with me. (You guys, I watched like 5 movies–2 of them in the theatre.) Or, you know, the slap in the face bringing me back to non-sleeping reality. Your pick. I feel tired, and dreary and beaten, but really for no good reason. Even the sunshine and warmer (as in like, 35!!) temperatures we’ve had the last few days haven’t helped. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll pull out of it soon.

I went to an amazing place this past weekend, where this man does pottery—like has a huge workshop and you can just go in there and watch him work–right up in his face while he chit-chats with you. There is also a huge showroom with thousands of items for sale. I’ve never been to such a place and all the handcrafted pottery was amazing. I bought a gorgeous heavy, deep blue mug, because you know I can’t go anywhere without buying a mug. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t come across many cool places anymore, but this place…was cool. I could have spent a lot of money there. I don’t want to link to his site here because I feel like I could be found by someone local looking for him, but if you are interested in looking at his stuff, email me. (Carrie, I’m looking at you; he’s close to you I think.)

It got me thinking about my untapped creativity though. I used to do a lot of stenciling. I got started in an interior design class in high school, and stenciled many things for years—the last thing being the wooden window box hanging on our porch. And then I just stopped. I don’t know why. I really enjoyed making those cards. And while I may not want to do that in a group setting all the time, I feel like if I invested a little bit, I could really make some nice, useful things. The people I have given my cards to have loved them. And with something like that, the possibilities are endless.

I don’t know though. Maybe I’m reaching, but something has just seemed to be missing lately. Maybe in part to having extra time on my hands from being at home, maybe because the kids are getting big and not sucking the life out ofneeding me as much. I can’t put my finger on what I need or want here, but it is something.

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  1. It might also be this time of year. I get so beaten down by winter. Feb/March are HARD.

  2. I agree with Nowheymama; there's just something about this time of year (and this winter in particular) that beats you down.I think having a creative outlet helps BIG TIME. I hadn't done anything creative for months, and I finally took a few minutes to scrapbook, and BAM! I felt soooo much better.(I was also in an art supply store today to get some work-related stuff, and I was *so close* to buying a sketchbook and some colored pencils, even though I do not draw – at all. But just thinking about drawing made me happy.)

  3. Wow – that place does sound cool!!

  4. You could start planning your garden and ordering seeds… That has creativity in it.I am bad about craft projects. Ooo, I love to plan for them and buy the stuff, but have such a hard time following through. I think it is the half a million little people who want to 'help'. I don't much like being helped sometimes…

  5. Winter makes me moody too.I've been just plain awful at working on my scrapbooks, but had some friends here on Sunday and I managed to get some albums tidied up that I'd been working on and it got me all inspired to keep working on them.I liked your cards; there are so many choices out there for card making that you should go with it!!

  6. Email me! Yes, this time of year blows–especially in our neck of the woods. (This flip-flopping weather is giving me teeth-hurting sinus headaches again.)I finished a big knitting project the other day and felt so EMPTY since I didn't have it to do anymore. (But not enough to get myself motivated to start another one yet!)Maybe you should look into a ceramics class. I did ceramics when I was in high school and simply LOVED it. The potter's wheel is daunting, but fun! Sometimes you can find a local Community class.


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