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I’m spending my obligatory day in the office this week, which is really a waste of my time because I cannot accomplish anything with all the “Oh Hai!!! Where ya been??”’s and the working on my laptop and the noise. But, it was a term of my WAHM deal and it is also one less day of daycare since the office is close to my mom’s so I should really just shut up about it. Still though, a whole lot of noting gets accomplished when I am here away from my things.

Tuesday night, I decided to color my hair because the grey was completely out of control. I’d bought the color before Christmas, medium dark brown or something, and I usually go more reddish brown, so the darkness, especially on my scraggly ends, was pretty overwhelming. I had a full punch card for a free hair cut, and my schedule was pretty open yesterday, so I decided to go on my lunch break and I had it cut. I had my eyebrows done on a whim too since I wasn’t spending any money, and had no cash on me for a tip. I’m pleased with the results, though still not totally used to the dark brown. For the record, the color matched my roots exactly, so this is as close to “natural” as I have been for many years.



Is there anything less flattering than those salon mirrors though? Sitting there in my cape under the fluorescent lights…I swear, I had 17 chins there. At home, I only have 2.

I never know what to tip when I get my hair cut. When I used to go to the fancy salon years ago, and I got a huge discount because Hub’s company and this salon were part of this local barter program, I would always give the guy $15 or $20. I’m not sure at the cheapy place though. $3? $5? More? I have no freaking clue and it is majorly awk for me. Is there some sort of guide?

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! And you're right; those mirrors are atrocious. I always feel like I look three shades paler while my undereye circles look four shades darker in that lighting.I always tip 20% unless something goes horribly wrong.

  2. You look great! I always tip 20-25% of the full price (so if you had a free haircut, you'd add the normal price of that to the brows). I love love love love love the lady who does my brows (I am incapable of doing them myself), so I tip more if I haven't been in for a while or it's close to the holidays.

  3. You are, of course, adorbs.And I hate salon mirrors, too. You are right about the chins-multiplying-like-fictitious-bunnies thing.Erm, I usually leave like $3 at the cheap (less than $20 a cut) places.

  4. Cute!My friend who is a stylist says tip %15.

  5. You look GREAT!I tip the same as with waiters: 15-20%. A couple of times when I was especially crazy-thrilled (like once when I was growing out my bangs and felt like there was no haircut that could help, and my stylist made it as if I weren't even growing out my bangs at all—it was like she grew them out FOR me), I've given a bigger chunk.

  6. uggg i always feel so hot and pretty when i go into a salon and start thinking, shiiiit I don't even need a hair cut because I look sooooo sexay right now…then i sit in that chair and they put the cover around me and it's all CHIN and PALE SKIN and EWWWW GROSS SAVE ME


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