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• My mother is supposed to watch the baby today, but she’s had the barfing flu. Although it was mostly out of her system, she asked me to keep Liv home today so she could sufficiently Lysol the place. I wouldn’t have sent her anyway. I can’t deal with any barfing right now-or preferably, ever. And the way Liv picks things up….no. We were staying home regardless. I’m almost considering not going there for my Dad’s birthday on Saturday, but hopefully the pestilence will be gone by then.
• This of course means that I am working upstairs on my laptop today—not unlike working on my laptop in the real office on Thursdays, so I’m not getting much done. We’re watching Olivia.
• Last Thursday, I felt like a cold was coming on and as the day went on, I was achy and feeing feverish, until it went full blown 101 fever and chills and aches in the middle of the night. I felt lame calling in on Friday, since I work at home, but it was necessary. I got the kids on the bus, Hub took Liv to school, and then I slept until 2:30 in the afternoon. I felt a bit better on Saturday but asked Hub to take the girls to gymnastics—there was no way I could handle Mommy and Me. I’m mostly better now, except for an annoying stuffy nose that will not unstuff.
• Yesterday was a Very Bad Day with FIL. I can’t say more. Today is better. My husband deserves an award. I love him.
• I bought an adhesive gun from Amazon last week so that I can make more cards at home. It feels good to be excited about a hobby. And to be friendly with people. And to have plans.
• Lucy and I have been arguing about EVERYTHING lately, which leads me to wonder if it is this hard at 5, what will it be like at, say, 15? Latest ongoing argument? She’d like to dye her hair pink over the summer. And maybe, if I won’t let her do her whole head, could we just do the ends? Then she can have it cut out before school starts again? You guys! She is 5!!! I don’t know where she comes up with these things.
• Last week we got a reminder that we need to secure Liv’s place in the preschool program for next year. Say what now? My baby is not going to preschool already. No. She is not.
• The big kids are off of school tomorrow and I’ve secured a play date for Bud. His friend called and invited himself over last night (which I had to kibosh based on bullet 4 above) so I asked Bud to have the boy put his mother on the phone. That was the point that I somehow invited Bud to their house on Friday. Ugh. I don’t know how to deal with this play date stuff. Shouldn’t the parents call for play dates? I mean really, a couple of 7-year-olds on the phone? Why can’t my kids just be friends with each other. Heh.

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  1. Brother has been particularly venomous lately, so I understand the arguing. Sometimes I want to pack him up in a box and not let him out until he can be nice.


  3. Good call on staying away from the barfing!

  4. My 4.5 yr old is arguing about EVERYTHING lately and it is driving me insane. I cannot deal with it b/c I never win no matter what. I am so not prepared for this.

  5. so much to comment on!1. sorry about your bad day2. sorry about not feeling well – i had something similar and I swear it felt like it lasted forever3. aGHHH barfing flu! NO!4. i'm glad you have a craft you're excited about. I always feel so good after I finish making something. It makes me feel like I accomplished something with the added bonus of being (usually, hopefully) somewhat relaxing5. five is the ABSOLUTE WORST AGE for arguing. I thought 2 and 3 were supposed to be bad but 5 was hard and it got WAY better towards the end of that year.

  6. The pink hair dye made me smile – girl after my own heart. I was trying to think about what I would do if Adriana wants pink hair when she is 5, and I remembered trying to dye my hair with kool-aid when I was in high school. It only lasts for a couple of days – would that be a good compromise? Of course, the darker the hair (like mine and Lucy's) the less likely it is to take, so perhaps it's not worth it to even try. OOH what about fake pink hair to clip in? [Look at me trying to fight to get her some pink hair – clearly I still have issues that my mommy said no to me on this very point].


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