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I think that when a man diets, it should not be so immediately obvious that he’s done so in the way of saggy pants, nicer skin and a thinner face. Furthermore, I think that said man should be banned from talking about how easy it is once you just put your mind to it. AND ALSO, he should not offer anyone tips of any kind.

I think that if you are told several times to prepare for work travel in a specific month or quarter or whatever, and it continually gets moved or cancelled that you should somehow be compensated. Not because you have arranged your schedule or other aspects of your life, but because you wanted a break from the mundane already.

I think that having part of a “Grandparents Celebration” include walking laps around the school to raise funds for a hospital is a stupid assed idea. For one thing, our active grandparent can’t even walk to the bathroom anymore, let alone laps around the school with my kids. This makes them feel bad—they will not have a grandparent there next week. In addition, I refuse to contribute any money to this hospital whose emergency room staff were such assholes when Lucy was a baby with suspected meningitis. They can’t have my money. And so my kids will go to school without a completed pledge form, and this will likely make them feel bad too.

I think that my BIL has no right to post statuses on Facebook about feeling like “such a dad” after Niece did gymnastics last week. We signed her up, and paid for it, and all he did was drop her off. He left to get his hair cut while I watched her take class.

I think that after 2+ months of washing it only every other day, that my hair should have trained itself to be not greasy on the non wash days.

I think that people should stop having partial feeds and embedded comment forms.

I think that people need to STFU about the weather already. Yes, I died a little upon hearing that we are getting 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow and that the high for the rest of the week is only 29. But do you hear me saying that I need to move? That this is the worst place to live ever? That we only have 2 seasons here? That we are all stupid for sticking around? No. So it is cold here. It snows a lot. By the time January and February roll around, I am as sick of it as the next person. I’m also sick of it being 90 humid degrees come August. But guess what? We don’t have hurricanes here, we don’t have earthquakes, we don’t have tsunamis. It could be a whole lot worse. We have 4 awesome seasons. Seriously. STFU.

What are you thinking today?

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  1. *happy sigh* What a great post. And I'm going to go give your BIL a little kick in his front-butt.

  2. Oh, BIL, you have no idea.I feel the same way about the weather. I love that we get snow (and snow days!) even in March. People have complained that it was such an awful winter. It wasn't a bad winter, it was just… winter.

  3. Men and dieting = NOT FREAKING FAIR.And I had to go check about the embedded form on my blog. I didn't want you to be mad at meeeee!Also, I love Swistle. I shall cheer her on during her 'little kick'. HAHAHAHAH!

  4. I am thinking this is an awesome post.

  5. Stupid bil and stupid, stupid man diets. hmph. I have no idea if I have an embedded comment form. If I do I likely don't know how to change it. lol

  6. I am thinking you are hilarious!I so so agree about men and diets. Jim recently dropped thirty pounds in eight weeks, won a tidy sum of cash in the process, and then went right back to eating in his usual ways. I fully expect his pants to fit normally again in about two weeks. He did it almost entirely for the money, and so it almost seems wrong that he was so successful. I think people who are trying to drop pounds for their cholesterol or to control diabetes should be the ones who find it easy!I would never want to do anything nice for BIL ever again. I mean, I WOULD, but I would have to squash resentment. Sorry.

  7. Your note made me cry, thank you. How is Grandpa doing? Love you, Paprika.

  8. I am thinking that you are genius, that's what I'm thinking.I am thinking that why is it that when Husband is dieting, we ALL must diet, but when I diet, no one cares?

  9. What kills me is how many people seem so SURPRISED when it snows in March. HELLO? How long have you lived here? I am not a native to this part of the country, and I don't put my winter wear away until at least late April! There is now a really long line to kick your BIL in the butt….And probably your husband, too. (At least he's now trying. Mine just told me that he's gained even more weight. He's turning into his father right before my very eyes.)

  10. I love this post. I may bitch about the weather, but I do live in ME and have my entire life, so I fully know what to expect. My husband can lose weight without thinking about it and I can't lose even half a pound. GAH.Your BIL needs a swift kick in the arse. Double GAH.

  11. Have I told you lately that I love you? This post is so awesome!

  12. I feel the same way about the weather. I love the fact that our severe weather is mainly snow storms and the occasional tornado (our area has only had ONE in the past 10 years). Yes, we sometimes get snow in the middle of April, but we have also have had 70 degree weather in November. The only thing that annoys me about the back and forth warm-cold-warm-cold weather is that it makes everyone sick.


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