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I dreamt last night that I was standing at the consignment checkout table, pulling tags, and scanning, and calling people over. All night long, repeating over and over again. This, my friends, is a big reason why I stopped working in retail—I could never get my brain out of busy mode, and I’d wake up feeling like I’d worked all night.

Working the sale yesterday was kind of a rush! I immediately fell in to that groove of rushing customers over, chit chatting with them as I went through their items, barely finishing with them before I was motioning the next person to come over. It was chaos and crazy for the entire 4 hours I volunteered, and I just loved every minute of it. It was exactly how I remembered the crazy times to be when I was at Blockbuster and Fredericks of Hollywood—even at Boston Market, which wasn’t retail at all, but not standard food service either. I was telling Hub last night that I think this sort of thing of stays in your blood; I was one transaction in, and I had a groove. I kind of loved it.

But seriously, I am not giving up my desk job anytime soon.

I did very well at the sale; only 6 of my items didn’t sell. I spent around $120 on clothes and books for my kids and niece, and Hub bought Bud a set of golf clubs with a bag, in perfect condition for $45, and I still came out with a decent profit. It was really nice to be a consigner and volunteer and get to shop the presale. I got so much for my money. Want to know what hurt? Seeing the same exersaucer we sold at our garage sale for $5 sell for $50. Of course, ours had been through 3 kids and was a bit more beaten up, but could you even imagine?

Aside from the sale and the volunteering, the rest of my weekend was just as crazy. Friday was lunch and a nice walk with my old friend J, and Saturday was dinner and cards with the TAP girls. I’m pretty sure we have nothing going on next weekend, and I am GLAD. As great as it was to go out and do things…because believe me, I never do things, I will be glad to be home and relax.

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  1. $50 for a used exersaucer? SERIOUSLY???!!!

  2. I think I am too lazy to sell stuff at a consignment, even though it sounds like such a cool thing to do. My assistant has recently left the food service industry and compulsively picks up my dirty dishes from my office after meetings…and then apologizes. 🙂 Ingrained.

  3. Wow–that is impressive!

  4. A mom at swim lessons was telling me about her similar successes at a Mom-to-Mom sale. I have never been to one. I'm thinking I need to get started. Plus I have a ton of baby/kid stuff that I should sell instead of keeping around here. (It's starting to drive me crazy, and there aren't any other kids on the way to use these things.)Glad that you did well. And it sounds to me like you're getting pretty social there. 😉


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