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• Bud slept in his own room for the first time last night. He and Lucy, being so close, have shared a room since she was about 1. And when Liv was ready to move out of our room, we gave all 3 kids the master bedroom and moved in to the nursery while Hub worked (slowly) on converting our upstairs in to 3 bedrooms. It’s been 2 years now, and while the kids enjoyed being together (MOST of the time), it was time to get Bud away from the girls. We were pretty close to being able to hang some drywall and paint and get Bud upstairs, but with FIL’s room now standing empty, we decided to move Bud back there. Basically, he is a 7 year old with his own apartment. The stipulation is that the girls are allowed back there for TV and to play, but he has a nice area to be all his. It was tough on me to have my baby on the other side of the house. In fact, I may have asked Hub to go pick up a baby monitor (he may have declined). Bud woke up at 6 this morning, and settled in to the recliner. I woke up at 7 to find him watching Star Wars, happy as a clam. So far, he likes having his own room. Lucy was nervous about sleeping without her big brother, but rather enjoyed being the boss of the room.
• The big kids started summer camp today. My job gives a stipend per kid per month, and it works out to cover just about 4 days, so I signed them up Monday through Thursday this week to take full advantage of my June allowance. Apparently, drop off didn’t go so well because Bud and Lucy are not in the same room as we thought they’d be. Lucy was devastated.
• We are planning on putting the pink color in to Lu’s hair tonight though, so hopefully, that will make her feel better. I’m not sure the color is going to take in her dark silky hair, but we are going to try. I’m not willing to bleach it, so I’ve been scoping out feathers and tinsel extensions on etsy. One way or another, this girl is going to have cool summer hair. (I’m bound and determined to have cool summer hair as well) She’s also been saving her money to go to the salon for a real pedicure. I don’t know whose daughter she is sometimes.
• The baby will be 3 in 4 weeks. My baby. 3. This sort of make me want to curl up in a ball. This is the longest span of time since I began having children that I have not been pregnant. When I think of Lu being not quite 3 when Liv was born, compared to Liv being not quite 3 now…it seems so weird. I don’t really know how to describe it. I sort of feel a void, but I also feel so far away from that crazy infant period that I’m not sure I’d ever really want to go back. I’d like it if Liv could stop growing up now, please.
• Liv’s birthday always satisfies me a bit though because for about 3 weeks when I’m asked my kids ages, they are quite evenly spaced. This is crazy I know, but I like to say “They are 3, 5 and 7.” It satisfies some weird OCD tendency inside of me. Plus, even now people raise an eyebrow over Bud and Lucy being so close in age. It makes me stabby.
• I worked my very last day ever in my actual workplace (as in, not my home office) last Thursday. One of the stipulations of the work from home situation was that I visit the site one day a week to maintain connectivity and such. Then this project came along, and I was spending 90 days in the office, which sucked on an epic level. A few weeks ago, a reorganization was announced though, and all of the people I used to support here, were redeployed to another line of business. I now support no one in that site—or in this state for that matter. And with that being said, I am home for good and breathing a huge sigh of relief as our life gets back to normal. It’s kind of amazing how different life became for us because of me being here and how incredibly hard it was for us to adjust to me being back in the office. That is a post for another day though.

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  1. I'd like to have my own apartment!! Glad the transition is going well!

  2. Yeah, I want my own apartment where no one else is allowed, too.What is up with the feather in the hair thing? They are all over the place where I live and I just don't get it. Does that mean I am officially OLD?

  3. My little baby will be 11 months old tomorrow. 11 months! That's practically ONE YEAR OLD!And my heart is just breaking. Sigh. Yes, please slow down time. I want to remember this. *sniff*So glad you aren't going into the office anymore! And we want to see pictures of the HAIR!

  4. Ha ha! Yes, I too was thinking I would have been tempted to move casually into the "apartment" myself, making it the Don't Bother Mommy wing.Your baby is going to be THREE? But…I remember so clearly when you found out you were expecting. And when she was born. That does not feel like three years ago.

  5. I totally understand the OCD tendency which makes you happier when your kids sound well spaced. I LOVE saying, when someone sees me with the baby and asks about any older siblings, saying, "Yes, two others; they are five and three." And then the old women cluck and smile and say, "Oh, what nice age gaps!" I think six, four, and one sounds nice too, so I'm looking forward to Birthday Month coming up at the end of summer, but the really obsessive part of me wishes that BOTH gaps were the same number of years, instead of having different length gaps. So, like, saying they were six, four and two, or seven, four, and one. I am ridiculous, I know. But even gaps seems like the mark of such fine family planning! :)I imagine those old ladies wouldn't cluck so approvingly, for instance, if they knew that there was actually a miscarriage in between Addy and Eli, and that that baby would've been only a year and a half younger. Or that there are TWO miscarriages in between Eli and Jameson, so they should've been closer together, too. My goal this year is to get Jameson to his first birthday without once even THINKING about trying for number four! lol


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