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Remember the day I wrote this post? The one about my chasing of the dog, braless, through our neighborhood? Lucy also wrote a journal entry about it in school that day. I asked her if she minded me sharing it with my friends and she said to go for it!

Here is what happened that day from Lucy’s perspective:

“Me Mom and Bud where sad becuse my dog Haley is not suapost to go near the cars in front. When we opened the gate she ran”

“away. I burst into tears. Mom cuold not cache her But then mom told me to go and get her leash.”

“Mom chuate her.”

Her few sentences say a lot to me. I was not at all sad that the dog got out. I was straight up pissed. She had ruined my morning. Remember how I turned around to just leave her? If something would have happened, these kids would have been devastated. This is an example for me. I say that I put my kids first in everything I do, but in this situation (and many others) my emotions were guiding me. I was only thinking in the moment, and not at all about the outcome. I know this is a pretty mild example, but it sure did get me thinking.

I’ve got the kids journaling this summer and it’s not just to keep them in practice with writing. Their thoughts mean a lot to me. If they are seeing things differently than I am; getting different things out of different situations…I want to know about it. I want to learn from it.

And if I learn nothing, at least I will be entertained.

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  1. See, what I see is that your inner turmoil wasn't apparent to Lu. All she saw was that there was a problem and you fixed it.SuperMom.

  2. I thought this was going to be about boobs, or whether or not she noticed the bralessness. But I agree with Misty, it reads to me like you caught the dog and those blue people look mighty happy.But I do think the journaling thing is good! I have had a few eye openers in this exact way, but the one I can remember was just that I was pleasantly surprised – I'm usually annoyed, but my kids cherish those times.

  3. I love this. I agree with Misty and jen!

  4. omg omg omg omg omg but the pictures THE BOOBS AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA I'm sorry, i know this is a serious post but the boobs in the picture seriously made my whole entire day. Thank you for that laugh!


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