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• The holiday weekend was nice. Soooo nice. I worked on Friday like a sucker, but did take Tuesday off to make it a nice 4 days off. It was glorious. The weather was good and the kids were decent. I wish it happened like that more often. We saw fireworks shows on Saturday and on Sunday and just watched the (illegal) displays in our neighborhood on Monday. My parents were here for a barbeque, we saw Hub’s family, and spent time alone just the 5 of us. I couldn’t have imagined a better weekend. We needed it.
• Last week I convinced my phone carrier to give me an early upgrade discount because my phone was a flaming piece of poo. It arrived after I’d waited the whole long weekend with a barely functioning phone on Tuesday afternoon. As I unpacked it, the dog was VERY interested in the plastic and as I went to put the phone together, I noticed that the battery was missing. I knew it was there a minute ago….and then I saw it in a chewed up heap on the floor. The dog ate my battery. I cannot believe the freaking dog ate my battery!! Luckily I was able to get a new one through Amazon that was much cheaper than going through the phone carrier, and with prime shipping, it came last night, but MAN was I ticked off!! What kind of dog chews up a battery. I left it on the kitchen table to ask Hub if we needed to do anything special to throw it out—imagine my surprise when I found the cat up there licking it. Lesson learned. Cell phone batteries are apparently quite tasty for pets.
• Our garden is coming along quite nicely. We have a few pea pods and the start of some hot peppers. I don’t know what it is about looking at my growing garden that gives me such great satisfaction, but boy it sure does. I used to think that the people who said gardening relaxed them were crazy. But I get it now. And with this being the first year we’ve had flowers in the bed out front, I am quite happy every time I see a new bloom. I may officially be old now.
• I am getting used to my hair cut, which turned out to be shorter than I wanted. It is very cute when I blow it our straight and part it far on my left and accent it with a headband. I’ve also figured out a way to make it look so-so without drying it by letting it just spring up like it does instead of combing it straight. I kind of scrunch it while I’m doing whatever as it dries. It looks somewhat intentional.
• We are planning our big party in the park for the girls’ birthday and I am starting to get nervous, as always. People really look forward to our party (so I’m told), so I feel a lot of pressure to make it AWESOME. First though, I need to make and send invites. Like, today. Sigh.
• I’ve decided that Lucy is the only person who is allowed to take my picture going forward. She is the only one who ever gets a decent shot of me. Here are 3 photos taken of me on Saturday as we waited for fireworks, each taken by a different child:

Taken by Liv:

Taken by Bud (this was the point I told him to GIVE ME THE CAMERA):

Taken by my favoriteLucy:

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  1. But I like the stern mommy face. We never see that, you know? We should all post Stern Mommy Face pictures to give a visual of what it looks like when we are telling kids off.Ha! Maybe not. But the idea amuses me.

  2. Definitely a mommy face. Love it!

  3. I love the "give me the phone" face!Cell phone batteries are pet tasty, huh? Who knew??!


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