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I totally had to look up how to spell culottes

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• I started writing a post the other day about how our summer vacation was going (well), considering the changes in our household, and went on to talk about how I’m keeping the kids busy, and decided that I hated the tone of it. It was more of a narration of our daily minutiae than anything that was helpful or even interesting. So! Summer is good! The kids have chores! And I print out crap to help them keep their minds sharp! And sometimes they go to camp! 4 weeks ‘til school starts!

• I am ridiculously excited for our 3 day mini-vacation that is coming up in less than 2 weeks. I’m sure the kids won’t give a flying fuck when I show them the place Hub proposed to me, but I am nostalgic just the same. And we are indulging Liv’s boat obsession with a ferry ride and a day long trip to one of the Lake Erie islands and she is going to die…just die! I cannot wait.

• The dog will be getting a vacation of her own while we are away by staying with my godmother who has 3 dogs. Haley just loves other dogs, (and cats too, but ours will not play with her) and if she doesn’t have a heart attack from all the excitement, she is going to have the time of her life.

• We had the girls’ big birthday bash this past weekend and it was a great time—though I don’t think I sat down even once over the course of 2 days. I was lucky to have my sister-in-law in town to help me get ready (read: chop fruit and vegetables), and generally keep me sane. We’ll be even luckier if she follows through and moves home as planned in September.

• I was going to share a few pictures, but I am going to leave you with just one. This is my, Lucy’s and SIL’s reaction to an interesting outfit composed of a short sleeved button down shirt, vest, a neck tie on a string of pearls and belted culottes. I thought we kept our opinion in check…but the photo tells otherwise. HA.

Ok, I guess I did sit down…

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  1. I LOVE the look on the kid most! She's all, "Whhhaaaaa??"And four weeks! until school starts? School starts back Monday around here.

  2. Oh, Cedar Point. Think of me whilst on the roller coasters, love.

  3. ROFL – they still make culottes?

  4. hahahaha! Love the looks on your faces. hee


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