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My vacation was split pretty equally into two parts: actual vacation and consignment. I enjoyed every last bit of it though and hated going back to work Monday. Only having to make it as far as my basement helps a lot though.

Anyway, this was our first vacation where we didn’t have an automatic house sitter, and it made us a bit nervous—Hub more so than me. He shut off the water before we left and unplugged things like a crazy person. I was more worried about the cats, but I knew they would be fine for 2 nights without us. My aunt took the dog, so dropping her off was an extra step in our prep, but no big deal overall. In all though, things went very smoothly.

We were on the road by 6am and made it to Cedar Point by about 10:30. I fed the kids an early lunch as we were coming up the causeway so we wouldn’t have to be bothered with food for a while. It looked like it might rain on and off all day, but except for a 15 minute downpour after dinner, the weather was just right. We never realized how many kids things there are to do there; Hub and I only ever went on roller coasters. But we all had a fabulous time.

Monday we took a boat out to the Lake Erie islands, which was kind of a bust. There wasn’t too much to do, but we made the most of it for a few hours before heading back.

Then we checked out some caves.

We were home by mid afternoon on Tuesday, but it really was the perfect little trip. Family fun, and nostalgia combined. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

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  1. You guys look like you had fun! And what a weird sign about the caves. Kind of jerk-ish, right?

  2. Is that the biggest snocone EVER??!Your kids are looking entirely too grown up.

  3. Wow, that brought back a lot of nostalgia for me! I haven't been to Cedar Point since we were married, but throughout my childhood I was there at least once a summer without fail. I love roller coasters- mostly. My neck no longer enjoys them, though.And the caves! And the islands! Been there, too. And will be back, I imagine, once all the kids are old enough to enjoy it, and to walk on their own two feet. :)Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.


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