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My plan for yesterday was to write a complaining entry about how my actual birthday sucked and after a day of The Sads, it ended in a complete meltdown on my part when Hub did/said something that made me feel like my birthday was not in fact my special day. Instead though, because it is over and done with, and because I had a fabulous weekend away in spite of Friday, I am going to write about things that are making me happy right now.

1. After hearing me complain forever about what a pain it is for me to go upstairs from my office to refill my coffee mug, Hub and the kids bought me a stainless steel insulated carafe. Now I can carry my whole pot of coffee downstairs and refill at will. (I was previously using an intricate system of travel mugs.)
2. They also got me a composter (as opposed to my old coffee can), and watering cans for my plants.
3. This was our view all weekend—and though it was gloomy, I still found it beautiful. At one point there was a rainbow that stretched lengthwise across the lake. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo…but it was gorgeous. (This was also from one of my favorite wineries-The Thirsty Owl, further fueling my owl obsession)

4. This photo, that I insisted Hub take after I’d had too much wine, and not enough to eat.

5. I began drinking wine at noon both Saturday and Sunday. I never get to be so carefree. And my drunken trash talk always amuses my husband.
6. I ate the best sandwich and bowl of beer cheddar soup on the way home Sunday. I am plotting a reason to drive 3 hours just to go back.
7. Zumba. Not just for the dance and exercise…which is great, but also because I feel like I have good friends close by for the first time in a really long time. If they have seen me sweat and still want to hang out, we must be good friends, right?
8. I am cooking a turkey today, with all the fixings, even though Thanksgiving is only a month away. Turkey is good stuff.
9. It is October 18 and we have not yet turned on the furnace. See above. The turkey cooking all day will warm the house.
10. Hub sold FIL’s car yesterday. This is bittersweet because we love the car and his father loved this car like you would not believe. It only holds 4 though, and therefore is not practical for us. But yay for the cash.
11. We are having our furnace redone in the near future. Hub has been doing a lot of networking, and met a really good guy. Hub has to do all the duct work himself, but we are getting everything at cost. PLUS central air.
12. I’ve been asked to participate in the Shutterfly Holiday Card blog promotion again, and this year I don’t just get free stuff for me, but I will get free stuff for some of you guys too.
13. Hub and I went to a huge outlet mall before we hit the wineries on Saturday, and I scored big time at a place called VF Outlet. They get overstock from several department stores who don’t have room, or maybe over ordered etc. It is good stuff, but cheap. I got 4 huge bags of clothes and shoes for the kids and me (mostly me) for $150.
14. My Uggs. I know it is ridiculous to spend so much on a pair of boots, but they seriously make me happy. And my last pair lasted 2+ years (and I still have them…they are just grungy and they leak). So I think it is a good investment.
15. I went to a 31 party a few weeks ago, and I ordered this huge organizer for my office wall. I also got a bag for my craft supplies.

16. Speaking of crafts, I can’t stop thinking about this one: Picture Frames . Ever since Mrs. Irritation linked to it last week, it is all that I have been able to think about. Totally doing it. ASAP.

There. Now that wasn’t so hard. And I am feeling better. You should try it. Sometimes it really is just the little things.

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  1. I can't stop thinking about those picture frames as well….Oh, I want to make some.And I really like your organizer as well! Where'd you get that…Glad the birthday weekend went well after the rocky start. And I think the dark sky and bright grass is beautiful, too. Here we have white egrets that look amazing flying against such scenery.

  2. I am a grouch this morning, so I will try to think happy thoughts instead of all of the things wrong with life. Woe is me and my first world problems! (i like that pic of you 🙂 )

  3. We have a VF in our town and I LOVE that place. Although I do seem to find that their sizes are inconsistent so I have to watch carefully, other than that it's awesome.Happy belated Birthday weekend!!

  4. Love the list! It sounds like lots of good stuff is going on 🙂

  5. How did you get asked to do the blog thing from Shutterfly??

  6. I bought all my picture frame supplies but haven't had time for follow thru even though I am DYING to do it.I only recently heard of thirty-one. Uggs – I found them to be ridiculous until I got a pair. Worth every penny. I wear them every stinking day in the winter. Accept no substitutes.

  7. Thank you for the link! Every Christmas we do homemade gifts with one side of our family, and I was already beginning to fret about what to make until… voila! Those are awesome AND idiot proof! Right up my alley!

  8. This entry made me really really miss you. Love, Paprika.

  9. Happy birthday! Anything is better with constantly flowing wine and portable coffee 🙂


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