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Shutterfly Holiday Cards Review (AND GIVEAWAY!!)

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**Note** This post is going to sound like I am gushing, and really I am. Even if this were not a sponsored post, I would have the same feelings about Shutterfly. I have never been dissatisfied with anything I’ve purchased from them, and trust me, I’ve purchased many things.

Is it ever really too soon to begin thinking about your Christmas card? I for one, am taking my annual Letchworth photo this weekend, and that is usually my old Christmas card standby. If something more Christmassy comes along photo-wise, great. If not, Letchworth it is. For the past several years, Shutterfly has been my go-to site for all things photo related. The mouse pad next to my work computer? Shutterfly. The calendar I make for my parents’ Christmas gift each year? Shutterfly. The book of memories from our summer vacation? You guessed it: Shutterfly. My address labels? Also. Shutterfly. And of course, my Christmas cards ALWAYS come from Shutterfly.

One of the great things about Shutterfly’s Christmas card selection is that there are so many to chose from, that you can find a background to match just about any photo you have. Do you want to send a Christmas card with your beachy summer photo on it? I think it’s weird, but you will be able to find a background to match. Maybe you have several children and want to highlight each one—there’s an option for that too. Favorite colors? Check. Santa? Check. Maybe you’d like a more religious theme? They have that too. I kid you not when I tell you that Shutterfly has something for everybody.

I mentioned above the photo book I made at the end of the summer. I find these books are great for personal use—in fact, Liv’s baby book…is a Shutterfly photo book, and they also make great gifts. You can take the time to painstakingly place each photo in the exact spot you want it, or if you give Shutterfly the group of photos you’d like to use, they will lay it all out for you. The result is amazing either way.

One thing I’ve never purchased from Shutterfly are their birth announcements. Honestly, in the haze of newborn motherhood, I’ve never considered sending a birth announcement at all. But man, these photo announcements just might have made me reconsider if they were around when my kids were born. Look how cute they are! Do you think Hub will let me have another baby just so I can send some birth announcements? (Yeah. I don’t think he will either.)

In conclusion, I think Shutterfly is great. I really really do. They have tons of products, let you store tons of photos for free and if you subscribe to their emails, they’ll often send you amazing deals. If you aren’t using Shutterfly already, I would strongly urge you to begin. Right now! Immediately!

And now for the fun stuff!

As a part of this promotion, Shutterfly has given me 25 free cards to share with 3 lucky readers. That’s right! 3 of you will win 25 cards each. All you have to do to enter is click on over to Shutterfly’s card page and look through their card selection. Then come back here and tell me which card (or cards) you would consider ordering. Heck, you can tell me which card I should order, because I don’t think that I’ll be able to decide. I will leave comments open through Monday, October 24, 2011 at 11:59 PM (eastern time) and will draw the 3 winners sometime on Tuesday. Be sure to leave an email address so I can let you know you’ve won! Good luck, and happy shopping!

**Again this was a sponsored post and I was compensated for writing it. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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  1. What Fun and Wonder Trees jumped out at me, but I'd have to get our pictures taken before I could choose a card 🙂

  2. I'm liking both the Berry Merry Frame and the Snowflake Star…oh and about 14 other ones!

  3. Ug Ug Ug.I can't pick.Pictures in LightsStory Bubbles (!!!)Bright Holly JollyIt gives me waves of warm fuzzies the non-religious, non-specific holiday options. Merry Everything! May your Season be Bright! And all that jazz. Is good for folks like me, who like to celebrate everything and be inclusive in my holiday cards.I *have* got birth announcements from Shutterfly and they were lovely. They let you pick out your own envelope color, too, which is fun. And! And! Do you know that they will MAIL your cards for you? They will. Which, is kind of awesome.

  4. I'm out of town and on my phone so I can't go see the cards but I have to agree with your Shutterfly love. I've used them for a few years and have never been disappointed.Shelly – mrs irritation

  5. I actually loved the very first one! (Though I DID scroll through all of them to be fair.) But I think that's the one I'd choose.

  6. I think I like the Rejoice Bethlehem card best for my family. And since you asked, you should get the Flurry Of Snowflakes cards. 😀

  7. I really liked Story Bubbles too!! Love Shutterfly!

  8. I like the Snoman Giftwrap card–but it requires TWO pictures, and I'm usually hardpressed to find ONE I like.OR…I may have to go with the HO HO Cheer card. As this is the LAST year I could get away with putting a pic of each of my kids in an "O".Perhaps I should go take a peek at the birth announcements?


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