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The Owl Bedding Saga Continues

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Remember when I was all bent out of shape about the owl bedding from Target? And I resigned myself to never having it? Well, a few weeks after that while walking through Target, I decided to take one last look, and there it was in front of me, one lonely full sized 7 piece set. I hemmed and hawed on Twitter as to whether I should really pay full price for it, and then I did. Liv is the baby, and doesn’t get much of anything that is new. So, I paid full price, and she had her bedding.

A few days later, even though she was still in her toddler sized bed, I opened the package for her as a reward for some good behavior (it is SO rare). She got to use her new pillow cases and we even put the comforter on the bed, draped over the side. This was the point where Lucy declared that she would like the owl bedding after all! Well, of course she would. Target of course was out of it. Target online no longer carries the 7 piece set, just a 3 piece and that is $90 (a resounding hellllz no!), so I began perusing ebay. Someone would have to list a full eventually. And finally it happened. And I stalked it like the good ebay stalker I am, and I won it for a little less than what I paid for Liv’s, thanks to my ebay bucks.

So I was thrilled. We put the girls bunk beds together this past weekend, and Hub brought the mattresses home on Monday. We bought some cheap sheets to have on hand, because none of the other beds in this house are full, and put one of those on Lu’s. I didn’t even tell her about it, because I wanted to surprise her.

Then last night I got an email. The seller’s daughter opened the package, took the sheets out and destroyed them. (This is what she says. Now, I have struggled with opening this very same package. Those wire things are a real bitch, and then, the sheets are in their own individual hard to open package inside. I’m not sure how your 5-year-old opened it, but I am going to go with it.) So she offered to order replacement sheets to send to me, but they are on backorder. Or, she said she would go to the store and pick up the flannel version of the sheets. I emailed her back to find out if everything else was still ok—I don’t want to pay “new” price for something that is not technically new, and I considered just cancelling the whole thing and having her refund me. So we emailed back and forth last night, and I’m going to make her buy me the flannel sheets. I was feeling bad for making her lose profit on this, but in the end she practically begged me to allow her to make it right because she “felt so bad”. So there will be flannel sheets, which I think Lu will actually love, because she loves anything that is comfy and soft.

It’s a bit more of a pain in the ass than I had hoped for it to be, but in the end I think it will work out ok. And hopefully, put an end to my owl bedding quest once and for all.

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  1. Ah, the owl craze. It has affected us as well. We had a pretty adorable owl cake on Boo's birthday.I also would like a room tour with the new bedding.

  2. This is the exact kind of situation that makes me hate eBay. It seems to happen wayyyyyy out of proportion to chance.

  3. Of course something you want to be simple is always an ordeal. (That happens to me too.) I hope that it works out. I'm sure the girls' room will look adorable!

  4. eBay gives me hives, but I'm glad this sounds like it's working out! I'm going to need to see a picture of the finished beds!

  5. I second the request for pictures! I love seeing kid rooms.


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