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Man, do I love to volunteer at my kids’ school. Not the actual volunteer work, specifically because if I am be honest, that shit is B O R I N G! But I love that I walk through the building to a chorus of “Hello, Mrs. B…!” from students and teachers. People know me. They know my kids. We have lived here, on our street and in our tiny house since 1999, but until last year, we never really felt like we were part of a community. It is nice.

That being said, I walked to and from school today on my lunch break for my volunteer shift in the rain. This was not an overly fun experience as it was about 45 degrees and raining, but with Hub’s truck in the shop he needed to use my car for the day. No biggie. And really I was dreading it, but it wasn’t horrible. We live about 4 suburban blocks from the school and it took me maybe 15 minutes each way. If it weren’t for the rain and the wind blowing my umbrella every which way, it probably would have been delightful. What a concept, walking to get somewhere instead of just for mindless exercise. I should do it more often.

I have no segue…

I was reading through my archives earlier today. Man, was I ever funny back when I was pregnant. What happened to that girl? Maybe it was because pregnancy makes me a raging bitch, and bitchiness=funny. I don’t know. I also found a post where I talked about our washer breaking, and going out to buy a front loading washer. I remember the circumstances. I remember FIL and I mopping water in the basement forEVER. But as for a front loader? We did not get one. We have the exact same washer we’ve always had. So we must have had it repaired? And cancelled our purchase? But I do not remember any of this!! And now I’m all disappointed like, damn, I could have had a front loading washer.

Random transition line about kids…

Hub has a huge job scheduled tonight, and is leaving shortly to work all night. The kids and I are on our own for the evening, so we are going to first do my patented 1 hour cleaning blitz, which is where I set the timer for an hour, and we all clean furiously for that time and when the hour is up, providing everyone has worked their hardest, we are done. It’s an easy way to make chores fun. And then, we are going to do a campout in the living room, complete with another one of my patented items, microwave popcorn with m&ms mixed in. Seriously. You would think I Was some sort of gourmet chef the way the kids go on and on about it. We will watch a movie and sleep on the air mattress and have a great time. This is the way to start a long weekend.

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  1. If you send your kids to me I promise to let them help me clean for an hour and then feed them copious amounts of popcorn and m&ms. That times thing is a great idea, I'll have to remember that.Maybe you not remembering the washer thing is because you wanted one so bad and you didn't get it so your brain blocked out that time period.I htink that happened to me once with a house. I was supposedly in love with this house an dhad to have it. Husband brought it up a few months ago and I was like, "What house?" I had no clue what he was talking about and he couldn't believe it.

  2. One hour cleaning blitz! BRILLIANT. Will have to do that even now, for us, and then later with Callum too.

  3. Man, I cannot WAIT til my kids are old enough to do a cleaning blitz with me! I mean, we kinda-sorta do that, for about fifteen minutes before bedtime where everyone runs around tidying up their own toys, but the most Addy can manage in the actual cleaning department is wiping counters/tables and helping me scrub the tub, and even that is kind of spotty. And Eli? I'm just happy if he manages to aim right and not make extra mess for me in the bathroom.


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