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Friday Free for All

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*As I mentioned yesterday, the kids and I were alone for the evening. We had a rare treat of McDonald’s and we rented a movie, I was disappointed because McDonald’s was out of fountain pop, and they were pouring from 2 litre bottles, but other than that (and the mild profanity in the movie we rented, Gulliver’s Travels) it was a delightful evening.
*We found out yesterday, after carefully arranging our schedules for parent teacher conferences, that 2nd grade teachers would like for parents to bring their children along to the conference. So, that’s nice. And of course, 1st graders are not welcome at their conferences, so everything is totally convenient. /end sarcastic rant
*I very much appreciate all of your skincare advice from last week. I am in the phase of dry skin, to the point of it peeling from my face in sheets, but the meds seem to be working. I bought some Clinique soap and lotion,and it is ok, but I think I like the Target compare to Olay moisturizer better than anything. Ironically, that is what I’ve been using for years.
*Supposedly, the owl bedding has shipped. I am so nervous to see if it is actually what it’s supposed to be.
*I have a piece of Family Information that I am not supposed to know, and that I cannot talk to anyone about. And I only know bits and pieces and I can’t ask any questions. It is kiiiiiiiling me!
*Well, we are 11 days in to Nablopomo, and I have officially run out of things to talk about.

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  1. Ha ha! You need to SPLIT 'EM UP! This could have been five posts right here!I'm interested to hear that Target's version of Olay is good. I'd tried Walmart's version and didn't like it, but haven't tried Target's yet. Maybe I'll try it next time!

  2. You are admirable to even TRY posting every single day. I wouldn't be able to remember where the verb went at this point.

  3. I just can't get over this 'fountain pop' thing. I really need to know…when convenience stores advertise for fountain drinks do they call them pop? Like, "42 oz fountain pop for .99"?

  4. I used to work at McDonalds – were people FREAKING OUT about the pop? That was the third worst thing that could ever happen there (the second was running out of MEAT, and the first was running out of MEAT during the double cheeseburger sale, because PEOPLE DROVE 15 MILES TO GET A BAG OF 45 DCBs, AND THE WANT IT NOW)


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