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Questions for Saturday

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Here are some things I would like your thoughts on:

1. Do you ever let your kids sit in the front seat of the car? What is an appropriate age to sit up front? Would you judge a parent with, say, a 5 year old in the front seat?

2. What is your opinion of “best by” or expiration dates? Do you follow them to the letter? Are you a bit lax?

3. How do you drink your coffee?

4. What is your favorite kind of cake? Do you like cakes with filling, such as jam?

Don’t worry, I will answer these questions too, next week.

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  1. 1. No. And then yes. Unless it is a car where there is no back seat or the booster seat can't fit there. 2. Ummm, lax. If it smells bad, then toss it. Otherwise, I use it. I live on the edge!3. Milky. Mmm. No sugar, though. Had to give that up b/c of cavities. *sigh*4. Probably molten chocolate cake, with the warm gooey center. I'm not a fan of regular cakes, ie birthday/wedding. Frosting is meh. Cakes with filling, meh. Don't get me wrong, I'd EAT it, but I'd still prefer something else, like a cookie or a donut or ice cream.

  2. 1. They never sit up front unless it's in car line. As in, we drive to school while they're in their car seats and then while we're in the car line they can sit in the front. They have to be 12, at least, to sit up there while we're moving. 2. I'm a bit lax on them, but not very lax. 3. creamer. And lots of it.4. I like cakes with filling, but not jam. I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

  3. 1. Our pediatrician has a car-seat-law sign up that says that kids can't sit in the front seat until age 12. (It also mentions a certain minimum height that kids have to be to sit there even if they're 12+, but Rob passed that height a number of years ago.) So Rob is allowed, but the other kids are not. I don't know what I'd think if I saw someone else's under-12 kid in the front. I guess if there was room in the back seat, I would wonder what the situation was and think they might not know about the law (I wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen it at the pediatrician's).2. With expiration dates, it depends on whether it's an actual expiration date or just a "sell by" or "best by" date. A sell-by/best-by date doesn't even count as expired, so I ignore it completely. With an expiration date, it depends what it is. If it's milk, I'll sniff it and I'll be trigger-happy about tossing it. With meat, same. With anything that doesn't generally make people sick (coffee, pudding powder, crackers), I don't even notice dates unless I try it and it's stale, at which point I look suspiciously at the date and then say "…Oh. December 2009. That might be the issue."3. According to mood. Sometimes black, sometimes just milk, sometimes sweetened creamer. I love super-fancy coffee drinks, too.4. I like yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting best. I do like fillings, generally.

  4. (Boo is only 2) Boo doesn't sit in the front sit…unless we're going down my drive (about 70 foot) from our house to Granny's and she wants to 'drive'. I would be very judgy if I saw a smallish child in the front. 10 or older? Probably not.2. I am very anal about expiration dates but only because I once had a bad BAD case of food poisoning and while we don't know how I got it when I think 'expired food' I think 'food poison'.3. The only coffee I can drink is chocolate truffle Folgers with chocolate creamer and tons of sugar. I think it isn't even coffee when I get through with it. I wish I could do regular coffee but it gives me, ummmmm..loose bowls and I freak about having nasty coffee teeth.4. I don't think that I like filling in my cake. But I've never had one like that and I don't like them in my doughnuts so I'm just assuming here.I cannot pick one type of cake to be my favorite so here's a few….chocolate chess cake, pumpkin chess cake, chocolate with chocolate icing, marble cakes.

  5. 1. No. And yes. I don't know what age IS appropriate, though.2. With milk, I'm pretty much to the letter but with other stuff I am a little bit lax. Depends on if the product has already been opened – if so, I'm more likely to go by the date. I rely heavily on the completely un-scientific "smell test"3. I drink coffee maybe four times a year, it just isn't my thing. When I do drink it, from a tiny local coffee house, it has to have so much stuff in it so that it doesn't taste like coffee. Oddly enough, I do like coffee ice cream. I also love how coffee smells.4. German chocolate cake is my absolute favorite. If it has coconut involved, I'm generally a fan. I do not like cakes with fillings, esp such as jam. Same goes for donuts.

  6. 1) No, but they are peanuts. I think the law is 12 in Ohio? I think all of the car seat rules are a little over the top. I think…hmm…8 is about the age in which I would have no judgement whatsoever? 2) Haha my husband would tell you that I am a disgusting individual. Not only do I completely disregard expiration dates (unless there's like, mold or something), I eat shit that sat out overnight all of the time. However, this only applies to stuff I ingest myself. I won't feed something to my kid if it's much past the date. 3) Depends on my mood. Sometimes black, more often with lots of milk and sugar. If I get it through a drive through, 2 of each. 4) Funfetti cake with pink icing or yellow cake with chocolate icing. Ganache filling is okay by me. Fun!!

  7. 1. RARELY. I could let you believe that it is because I am ALL ABOUT SAFETY!, but I'm an honest person, so I will tell you that it is mostly because MY STUFF (purse, snack, crocheting bag, things I'm returning to the store, etc…) is there and I don't want to move it, and THE FIGHTING! I already have to listen to fighting from the non-carseated individuals about who is sitting where in the back seat, I am NOT looking forward to having to hear that about the front seat too! I will let the littles sit up there if we are parked, and sometimes an older child sits there if I have a full vehicle. I think more about their size than their age for appropriateness. I would certainly wonder about a 5-year old in the front seat.2. I tend to sniff something before I check the date. So I don't usually notice the date unless something smells funny.3. I don't drink coffee, but I suspect, from the way it smells, that I would be a little-coffee-with-my-cream-and-sugar kind of person.4. One of the FEW good things about where we lived in Ohio was a bakery that made a white cake with a strawberry swirl (which wasn't so much a gloppy filling as a stripe through the cake) with buttercream frosting. MMMMMM! I tend to like most cake as long as it is moist and involves frosting =).

  8. I'm late to the game!1. no, thought it was 14 here, and yes I will totallyraise an eyebrow at someone who has a kid in the front seat that is younger than the harnessed kid in MY back seat! Especially if said kid is my kid's bff and her parents let her do that bullshit thing where you tuck the shoulder belt behind you. I really can't bring myself to care anymore, but I wonder what these people think will happen.2. it's a guideline that if something smells, then I'll toss it. I'm not LAX I'm very sensitive to this for some reason, but then there are some things like eggs and yogurt that seem to keep forever. And I always go by smell with sour cream, however milk I won't drink unless it's within 1 day of the store.3. in a cup, with swallowing. No milk, no creamer, some sugar.4. I've never met a cake I didn't like! I don't think I have a favorite, and I have to be in the mood, and I like some fillings. Generally though, I like fruit fillings, but not pudding fillings.

  9. I've let Ava sit in the front a few times on the ride home from after-school care (about 3 blocks). I'm not really a carseat Nazi ever since I read several places that it's the seatbelt that's most important for school-aged kids.I am WICKED LAX about expiration/sell-by dates. That shit is just pure CYA/revenue maximization by the food companies. I think in general you can tell if a food is spoiled.I drink coffee black, although I will do heavy cream or coconut cream too. Nothing sweet.I am pro cakes-with-filling.

  10. 1. No kids in the front seat until they're 12. If there are no passenger-side airbags and the kid is big enough, 10 is probably old enough.2. Lax on things that have visual or olfactory cues, not lax at all on meat.3. A little skim milk or a drop of "tasty cream".4. I love fillings, especially pudding/custard, jam, chunks of fruit in whipped cream. Mmmm.

  11. 1. I have twice let a child ride in the front seat to the bus stop (less than a block.) And I am totally a mean-judgey person if I see littles with inappropriate car seat stuff. (Eek. That hurts to admit.)2. Pretty damn lax. I check them in the store when I buy stuff, but will completely use the milk after the date if it hasn't gone bad. I am more sketchy about meats though.3. Two splendas and a good bit of cream, usually. But I enjoy other forms of sweetened coffee.4. Favorite Cake = The edible kind. I am not a big frosting fan, but am pro-filling. Jams, puddings, whipped cream, OMG GIMME CAAAAKKKEEEE. Mmm.


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