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I think that even after NaBloPoMo, I’ll write about the good things from the past week. It’s easy to rant and rave all week long; it’s nice to have a bright spot.

Here are the things that made me happy this week:

* A boatload of free samples from Clinique. I knew I was getting some with my face care order, but I got even more than I bargained for. I love love love free samples.
*My second Birchbox came in the mail. I got chocolate, boob firming cream, nail polish, other lotions and a few more things. It was jam packed this month. Again, sample whore. I love my Birchbox.
*This actually happened last week, but it was the weekend, so it’s moving here. the knitted owl cap I bought for Olivia. I spent $15 on it, but it is so stinking adorable. (You’ve seen the photo…I’m not in the mood to get it off of my phone)
*Decorated hair pins. I bought several at our school’s vendor fair, and then bought several more on Etsy this week. They work so well in my fine and ridiculous hair too. I can’t show you the ones I got without linking you in to my actual transaction, but I will show you when they arrive. They are my new favorite thing, for sure.

What was your good stuff this past week?

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  1. What is birch box? I'm going to get off my ass and look after I post this.& please tell me more about hair pins. I have fine ridiculous hair as well.

  2. I like happy lists too. 🙂 I think rants can be funny, but, you know, negativity blah blah blah. Please continue!

  3. Boob firming cream?? Need a report on this ASAP!


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