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Friday Free for All

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• I actually completed NaBloPoMo! I can’t believe it. It felt good to not have the pressure of writing yesterday, but I really enjoyed doing it all month.
• I had the weirdest dreams last night and the fact that I remember them in such vivid detail seems even more weird. The first was that my best girlfriend was renewing her wedding vows. I’d assumed that she was having her daughters stand up in her ceremony, but the wedding party was exactly the same, except for me. Yet I wore the same dress as I did as her maid of honor. And so did her other bridesmaids and my random replacement. It was awkward. Then I was at the kids’ school and the principal called me out and asked me to leave because my sneakers looked like bowling shoes. She said it was inappropriate. And the third one was that we had a get together at Hub’s cousin’s house, and on her book shelf was an 8×10 photo of Swistle’s kids. I asked how Cousin knew them, and she said that Swistle was her husband’s cousin. I was excited, and immediately emailed Swistle to tell her we were kind of sort of related! And Swistle said no, that was not the case, but that she sold a bunch of 8×10 photos of her kids at a garage sale and now people everywhere were claiming to be her relative.
• I was so tired today, I’m assuming from all the dreaming, and because Hub worked all night and I don’t sleep well when he’s not here, that I took a 45 minute nap on my lunch break. It was necessary. And I am still exhausted.
• Lucy lost her 1st tooth at school today. Then she swallowed it. Her teacher had to call me to talk her down because she was so upset. We remedied the situation by telling her she could write a note for the tooth fairy, AND by reminding her that she was the 1st student in December to lose a tooth. She’s been waiting forever to be on a lost tooth list, just like I waited forever when she was a baby for her to be on the “We have __ teeth” poster at daycare. She was 11 months old before she even had any teeth, so of course she is losing them later than her friends. Now, she is just fine:

• We had our first snow this morning. It’s already melted, but there is more to come. Hub took this picture and captioned it “Even Frosty is sad about the end of Fall”:

• I’d like to think about going to blog conferences in 2012. I’m sure I could swing it, but…I don’t know. The whole concept makes me nervous. And how would I explain where I am going to someone like my mother who cannot ever know that I blog?
• I was so excited to finally send off my CDP the other day! I’d been piling stuff in to a tote for what seemed like forever and when I couldn’t fit anything else, I sent it off. I hope the recipient likes it! I know I would. (In fact, I doubled up on a few of the gifts for myself)
• We are mostly done Christmas shopping. Hub and I are not getting anything for each other since we bought the new TV. Kids are mostly done, and we have some gift certificates for my parents to buy and a few things for the other kids on our list. Can you believe that Christmas is 3 weeks away??

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  1. When I first opened the page, my eyes settled on the Swistle dream part and I got all excited that you might be related, then I read the garage sale thing and was like WTF and had to properly read the post. I still have a couple more things to go in my CDP – I am so excited to mail it off! And you know what I'm going to say about the blog conferences…dooooooo ittttt….just say it's a work thing.

  2. Crap, this is giving me second thoughts about my idea for a small business selling pictures of my children.I am doing my annual "thinking about conferences" thing. I think SOMEDAY I will go. The question is WHICH someday.


  4. That dream is so funny! And no, I can't believe Christmas is 3 weeks away.

  5. Hahaha Swistle sold her kids' pictures. I love it.I don't even want to talk about Christmas shopping. I just found out that my check will be held back two weeks and there will only be three days on the first one I get so ….yeah, not many presents going out around here.

  6. OK, which blog conferences are you thinking of? Because I am vaguely thinking of this too, but don't want to go if I don't "know" anyone.

  7. I think it is SO FUNNY when I have dreams about bloggy people!And HURRAY for another Crappy Day Package going out into the world to work its magic =)!!

  8. Congrats on the lost tooth. My 5 year old has been claiming to have a loose tooth since last spring when one of her friends lost two. I suppose some day it will actually be true.The Swistle dream was pretty funny.

  9. When I went to my first (and so far only) blog conference a couple years ago, I told most people I was meeting up with out-of-town friends. Sometimes I said I was going to a conference, but didn't give any detail at all, and I really didn't get asked for any. The people I expected to be nosy got the first story. It worked out pretty well. The only person who knew exactly what I was doing was my husband.

  10. I dream about blog friends, too. Which is strange and awesome all at the same time. I *ahem* still haven't sent out the big mamma jamma CDP to my person. I plan to do it after the conference. Perhaps she will forgive my tardiness? Maybe?As for blog trips. I will go if you go. 🙂


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