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Questions for Saturday!

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And why not? I’m sitting at gymnastics and I’ve wanted to try my Blogger app anyway. So here are my questions this week:

1. What is your favorite kind of pop tart?
2. What kind of car do you drive, and why?
3.  If you had to pick one pair of shoes to wear every day, which pair would you pick, and why?

Happy Saturday! I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I haven't answered one of these, yet so here I go. :)1. As a kid, the more chocolate and frosting, the better. Now I actually like the low-fat, frosting free strawberry. So weird!2. A 1997 Ford Expedition that has over 270k miles on it. It was my in-laws and they couldn't get enough out of it when they were getting a new car so they gave it to us. No car payment!3. My New Balance sneakers. So comfy!

  2. 1. I don't like Pop Tarts though my kid just discovered them.2. Toyota Highlander but I want my Sequoia back. I was trying to get something more fuel efficient but the difference is negligible. & yes, we need the big SUV in order to haul around 2 90+ pound dogs.3. In the winter – my Ugg boots. Man, I love them!

  3. I don't like pop tarts either. They're too dry tasting. I drive an old Subaru Impreza. Fancy! And my nike frees would be my desert island shoe.

  4. 1. I am not really a pop tart person. In fact, I think the only flavor I've even tried is the strawberry one with white frosting and colored sprinkles. 2. I bought a Honda CR-V in 2010. Justin's car died and I was the only one who could afford a new one, so I gave him my Malibu. I wanted a mom car that wasn't a minivan. 3. I am not currently super attached to any shoes I own. Weird! If I didn't have a job, I'd say my black converse all stars, but since I do, we'll go with the clarks mika kims i've been eyeballing. Clarks have never failed me in the past comfort-wise, so I am assuming I could live in those cute mary janes forever.

  5. 1. Strawberry with the white 'icing' is my go to pop tart but I recently discovered I also like those seasonal pumpkin ones.2. A Pontiac G6. I traded recently for better gas mileage and let's face it, I felt the need to reclaim my before kid years with a sporty yet roomy car. I love it so far.3. My 6 year old Clark Wallabees. They need need to be retired so bad but I just love them. All day comfort with slip em on and go ease.

  6. 1. There are several flavors of Pop-Tarts I like almost interchangeably, but if I had to choose ONE I'd say I like strawberry, the frosted ones. I sometimes like them toasted, sometimes not. I don't often crave them, but every so often they are just the thing.2. A Toyota Sienna. We read in Consumer Reports that it was one of the best and most reliable cars to buy used. It's been a great car. I like driving it, and it hardly ever needs anything done.3. In the winter I wear my L.L. Bean boots whenever I go outside, but I always switch to my Merrell maryjanes in the house.

  7. Frosted Strawberry, hands down. Toasted. I drive a silver minivan, out of necessity. I am not a 'car' person and usually don't give a rat's hiney about what I drive.Er, I just got some really cute purple flats that are comfy like slippers. But I wear a lot of flip flops. It is HOT here.


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