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Paying it Forward– You could be a WINNER

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A couple of months ago, I can’t remember exactly when, I won a Pay it Forward contest over at Mama Bub’s blog. Her package arrived in early December with an array of goodies that I neglected to take pictures of, but there was an owl ornament, a mug, chocolates and a very nice black and white striped scarf and pair of gloves that I have worn almost every time I’ve gone out since. It was, in my opinion, the perfect assortment.

Now it is my turn. Christmas is over, and early January is one of my very favorite shopping times. We purchased all of Bud’s birthday gifts while Christmas shopping. I’ve refrained from participating in this round of the CDP exchange, and I am itching to just buy some stuff for someone already. I already have a few things tucked away, but I always like to tailor my packages to the winner.

So here it is, my January 2012 pay it forward contest. By entering, you agree to host a contest of your own at some point down the road. And in order to enter, I ask that you answer the following random sampling of questions, because I love questions and answers.

1. You are at a function with an open bar (think high end, not like a moose lodge or something). What do you order to drink?
2. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast—as in if you could have it any time with no consequences, what would it be? What is your usual breakfast?
3. Who does the laundry in your house, and how often does it get done?
4. Do you enjoy chewing gum?

OK! Today is Friday, and I will leave this contest open until next Friday, January 13 at 10AM EST. At that point I will draw a random winner, answer my own questions, and we will move on from there. So get moving and answer my questions! It will be fun! Plus you might win something! Yay!

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  1. 1. Black Cherry Mojito. (I am unsure what this says about me.)2. Oh, I really like pancakes. Mostly though, I drink coffee. Sometimes I eat a breakfast sandwich or fry an egg.3. Both Honey and I do laundry. I hire a teenager to come fold every once and a while. Both dirty and clean tend to pile up and it only gets done in crisis or when I get tired of the piles. Laundry is not my finest skill.4. I do enjoy chewing gum. I like spearmint and original bubble flavors. And watermelon. I like to blow bubbles, too!

  2. 1. At an open bar, I'll usually order a vodka and club soda with lime, or a vodka martini, extra dirty2. Gluten consequences aside, my favorite breakfast is probably a Breakfast Jack. My USUAL breakfast is…coffee.3. I do laundry. Once a week, rarely more.4. I don't chew gum, as a rule. Makes me bloaty and urgg. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

  3. 1. Amaretto Sour.2. Ham and cheese omelets are my favorite. I rotate what I have for breakfast because I get bored easily: sometimes I'll have a bagel with cream cheese, sometimes cereal, sometimes a hard-boiled egg. And sometimes I splurge and go to my workplace cafeteria and get that delicious ham and cheese omelet.3. We both do laundry together, and we almost always do it on Sundays.4. I do enjoy chewing gum, but I am incapable of chewing it without blowing bubbles, which I sometimes absentmindedly do in work meetings.

  4. I'm refraining from this round of CDP too! I still need to post about the last one!1. Wine. Usually red, but if I were at a fancy function probably a dry white so as not to spill and stain someone's clothing.2. Coffee with 1/2 and 1/2. Sometimes oatmeal.3. Scott does his laundry, I do the rest. This is because his closet/dressing area is in the basement away from everyone else's and it's easier for him to deal with it. I wash at least one load of laundry every day and sort it into hampers for each bedroom. The folding/moving from hamper to dresser step is where the system falls apart.4. I really don't, but the dentist recommended it to help me not clench my teeth, so I do it sometimes.

  5. Fun!1. I pretty much exclusively order wine these days – white or red, whatever sounds good at the moment. 2. My favorite breakfast is chick-fil-a chicken minis (so yummy) and a diet coke. I usually eat nothing or some oatmeal and water. 3. I am the one who gathers all of the laundry and gets it started; hubs keeps it going while he is in the basement playing video games and brings it up for me to put away. We do 4-5 loads a week.4. I like gum but I almost NEVER buy it anymore. It always gets all gross in the bottom of my purse before I can chew it all.

  6. I would like to answer the questions but without entering the contest, because I love questions and answers too.1. Vodka and orange juice, or else I'd order wine.2. My favorite breakfast is to go to a diner / breakfast place and order a ton of sides I won't be able to finish, and eat some of each. Toast with little jam packets! Sausage patties! Cinnamon roll! Fruit bowl! Fried potatoes! Hard-cooked scrambled egg! But what I usually DO eat for breakfast is "Whatever is easiest and/or comes first to hand." Cereal, maybe, or a muffin, or a hard-boiled egg. Or just coffee, and then some M&Ms mid-morning, with regrets by noon.3. I do all the laundry. I resolve to do one or two loads a day, but instead do it in huge panicky multi-load marathons, usually on weekend evenings.4. No, but I will use a piece as a breath mint, or I will try an intriguing flavor (I just tried a sherbet-flavored one the other day). I chew for a few minutes, then spit out.

  7. Fun!1. Um…amaretto sour? I am not much of a drinker, so I don't really KNOW what drinks are even out there, let alone what I may like.2. Three egg omelet with EVERYTHING. But I usually have cream of wheat. Or oatmeal. Or cereal. Or nothing.3. I do laundry. I try to do a load a day–but even then I am always grievously behind.4. LOVE gum. But I hardly ever chew it now. I think because I love to SNAP my gum, and the sound makes my hubby's teeth grind–why bother chewing gum if you can't blow bubbles or snap it?

  8. 1. Bloody Caesar, extra spicy. 2. Favourite: coffee, cinnamon buns and yogurt. Usual: coffee, yogurt and sometimes toast with peanut butter.3. I do the laundry every day. Every morning, one load goes in the washer, then dryer and the load from the day before gets folded and put away. I top up any sparse loads with coats, snow pants, pillowcases, etc.4. I only chew gum until the full flavour is gone, then I can't stand it. I like cinnamon.(P.S. draw again if my name comes up – I know we live very close geographically, but mailing things over the border is a pain)

  9. 1. Gin & Tonic.2. If there were NO consequences, I would eat a MickyD's Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. Cause they are yummy. Usually I have a boiled egg which I share with the dog.3. My husband does. As long as we (my BoyChild and me) have clean underwear, I don't know or care how often it gets done. 4. On one level I hate chewing gum; gets on the floors is icky to pick up makes my jaws hurt if I chew it too long. On another level I *LOVE* it.


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