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So yes, here we have it. The big resolution post. I actually only have a few resolutions, then I have a challenge, and then I have something of a 2012 bucket list. Things that I really want to do. Or things that I have convinced myself that I want to do, and will decide were a very bad idea later. We shall see. Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that I am not starting my new year until January 9th, so that’s when all of this will be in full swing. I am trying to make good choices in the meantime though, with try being the operative word. I joined Weight Watchers online yesterday, and officially began tracking points today. Tomorrow I will likely go to the gym. The little things, right.

So without further ado, here are my resolutions:

1. Drink more water: Like last year, this is not about drinking other things instead of water (although my coffee consumption could maybe decrease a bit). It is about remembering to drink water even when I am not thirsty. I’d like to install a water cooler in my office, but that isn’t going to happen, so the plan is to fill my 2 20oz bottles in the morning and bring them in to the office with me. I should finish those at the very least. Combined with the water I already drink at dinner, plus water when working out, I think I will be good to go. My goal is to drink 60oz of water each day.
2. Stay up to date on appointments: this includes my blood work, kids’ checkups and things of that nature. I am the biggest procrastinator and we all end up being behind because of it.
3. Make and stick to a weekly meal plan: I’m tired of running out to the store every day when we figure out just what it is we will be having for dinner. I want to get back in to cooking on my lunch break or crock potting so we are eating early instead of at 7PM, and having ingredients on hand to make things easier.
4. Be a better friend: Don’t misunderstand me here, I haven’t been malicious to anyone or anything, but it occurred to me recently that I have put no effort in to any of my friendships, especially with some of my oldest friends, for quite some time. I will make the first move. I will call and send notes. I will try and set up gatherings. I feel like I am losing people, and I am pretty sure that it is my fault.
5. Exercise for 30 minutes a day: It doesn’t have to be in the gym, or in a Zumba class. It can be a walk with the dog or fooling around with the kids. 30 minutes, even split out in to 2 15 minute chunks is doable.

And there you have it. 2012 resolutions. Now for my challenge. Since Lucy was born I have had chronic acid reflux. In addition to the fact that my esophagus is damaged, there are contributing factors that exacerbate my condition, and make it impossible for me to heal. I would like to be off of the meds once and for all. Weight loss will help immensely. In addition, I’ve sort of made a list of my triggers—the surefire things that are going to give me an attack regardless of whether or not I’ve taken the medication. They are: Heavy dairy products—think cheesecake, ice cream and cream based sauces, chocolate, and fried foods. What I would like to work out is a period of time…I don’t know if it is 30, 60 or 90 days…whatever where I eliminate all of these foods from my diet, and try to wean myself off of the nightly does of Zantac. I don’t know if it will work, but I am going to try it.

Finally, here is the list of things I would like to accomplish in 2012, hereafter known as Saly’s 2012 Bucket List

• Complete C25K
• At least consider running a 5k
• Redesign my blog and the header
• Add a second blog to talk about my fitness, weight loss and eating
• Start that coffee blog I keep talking about
• Take a weekend trip without Hub or the kids
• Take Lucy to the hobby shop and let her pick out whatever she wants
• Make a scrapbook with Lucy
• Start building the doll house that Hub bought me in 1999
• Take Liv on her own girls’ night…no sisters allowed
• Buy some cute earrings and actually wear them
• Curl my hair
• Have my eyebrows threaded
• Dabble in making my own cards WITHOUT the help and templates of an instructor
• Have at least 4 Bud and Mom dates
• Do something fun with my hair (spunky color or a feather etc.)
• Wear makeup when leaving the house at least 10 times
• Take my mother out to lunch
• Go sledding—and not be a worrywart the whole time
• Take the kids to the beach, even if Hub won’t go.
• Take Liv to the bounce place
• Camp with the kids in the back yard
• Tile the backsplash in the kitchen
• Let each kid help me cook when they ask
• Get a monthly pedicure when the weather warms up
• Figure out how to get all of our old photos scanned for a reasonable price, and actually do it
• Have a kick ass 10th wedding anniversary
• Do an overnight trip with my mom and the girls
• Make my own laundry detergent
• Send cards to people, just because
• Tell my parents and my brothers that I love them (we are not touchy feely emotion type people)
• Get on board with Hub’s plan to write a will and plan our burial (blech blech blech hate this one)
• Take more pictures
• Read more books
• Ask Hub’s grandma to teach me how to knit, and follow through on it

I may add to this list, but this is what I’ve had on my mind and on scrap paper for the last few weeks. Ambitious, I think. I’m going to add it to my sidebar and cross things off as they come. I hope you will wish me luck in my endeavors this year. I certainly wish you the best of luck in yours.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I can't wait to see how you do on these! They're all such good ideas and seem so doable. At least until life gets in the way. You can do it, though, I have faith in you!

  2. These are some great goals!!

  3. So can I start 2012 on the 9th too?Cause I totally effed up this first week eating wise.

  4. As soon as I started reading your post I went to get some water. I don't have a resolution about this but it seemed like the thing to do.Good luck with your resolutions. That's quite a list.

  5. For me, being on WWs makes it so I don't have to take the nightly Zantac. It takes a week or two, but after that, I don't need it anymore and can sleep with no pain.I hope you find the same thing to be true.

  6. This is really awesome, and I am sure you can do whatever you set your mind to. Listen, I have been reading a book that has taught me a hell of a lot about weight loss. One of the most surprising things is around coffee and what an impact this has on weight. It blew my freaking mind. If you want more info about the book let me know. In the meantime, happy 2012 sistah. Lots of love, Paprika

  7. Oh how I love resolutions posts. I am almost sad for them to be all gone. Assvice on the water: a straw! I had so much trouble with this until I got a bottle with a straw, and then, for some reason, it was EASY. I don't understand the mysticism of straws, but it WORKS. (Also, am thinking about doing my Nerd 5K from last year again, if you are interested. We could do it TOGETHER. Ish.)

  8. I love your list!!! Happy New Year!!


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