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100 Facts About Me Revisited: Part 1

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I’ve sort of had this idea for a while now, and between trying to eat right and exercise and keep my life under control, I haven’t had much to write about that is interesting for a while. I made my “100 Facts About Me” list maybe 5 years ago? Wait, I will look! And add the link! Here it is on my old blog! So yes, a little less than 5 years ago. Anyway, as people change over time, I would imagine that some of their facts would change as well. Additionally, some of my facts, as I re-read the list, are not facts at all.

Over the next several weeks, I am going to edit my list in a series of posts. I may elaborate on some things. I may edit some facts so they are currently relevant, and the facts that are not actually facts? I’ll have to come up with something new to replace them with. Should be fun, right? And will be perfect fodder for blogging when I have nothing to say.

So, here it goes!

1. I met my husband on the school bus when I was in 7th grade. (2012 edit—true)
2. I hated his guts. (2012 edit—true)
3. I complained to him about my boyfriend who was a jerk for most of my sophomore year in high school. (2012 edit—that boyfriend was a jerk because he liked drugs more than he liked me. I looooooved him. Like full on I would do anything for him love. I would complain to Hub on the bus because he would listen, but also because he was sort of Boyfriend’s friend and I thought maybe he would talk some sense in to him. He didn’t.)
4. He and I began dating that summer. (2012 edit—yes)
5. Even though we were very young, we kind of knew we were it for each other. (2012 edit—yes)
6. This August will mark 12 years of togetherness for us. (2012 edit—18 years in August—so I guess my math was off on the first list)
7. I have loved to sing for my entire life. (2012 edit—yes)
8. I consider myself to be quite good. (2012 edit—yes)
9. It kills me that I’m not doing anything musical right now. (2012 edit—yes)

Numbers 1-5 are really all part of the same story. All true, and factual in a history book sort of way. But they are not necessarily facts about me. Number 6 is outdated. Again, 7, 8, and 9 tell a factual story, but are generally the same idea. So. Let’s re-write 1-9!

1. When I met Hub on the school bus in 7th grade, I found him to be the most annoying person on the planet. I did not talk to him for nearly 4 years.
2. When Hub and I were invited to the same event by our mutual best friend the summer after my sophomore year, I had immediate and intense feelings for him.
3. We began dating officially at a Woodstock ’94 party when I was 15, and he was 18. August 14th, 1994 is the official day. I know this because these are the things you track in high school.
4. I started singing in choirs and choruses when I was in 2nd grade. I was way too shy in middle/high school to do much of anything else with it.
5. I majored in vocal music in college with plans to be a music teacher, but my nerves and having to do things alone in front of people got in my way, so I quit and pursued English and Business instead.
6. When I started working at my company in 2000, I had absolutely no intentions of making a career out of it. I planned on answering the phones for awhile, while I figured out what the next best thing was. For 12 years I’ve found bigger and better consistently—all at the same company.
7. In my early career, I learned how to talk on the phone and deal with difficult people, which opened the door to training and projects. This sounds like a weird thing to say, but my call center experience changed me profoundly—for the better.
8. That all being said, I still don’t necessarily consider myself to be the most outgoing person. I’m an observer in a lot of situations; the quiet one.
9. Once I know someone though, and am really comfortable, I am sort of the queen of running my mouth. Seriously. Try and stop me.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE this. The listiness, the editing, the inside scoop on some of the stories. YAY!

  2. Good idea! It's funny that I met my husband in 6th grade and didn't like him at all for a few years. We started dating our freshman year in high school…the rest is history. Also that was December 14, 1994. I remembder too. Some similarities to you guys too. 😀


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