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July Mini-Vacation

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I had a bit of a mini-vacation last week.  The kids were home from camp and I was off from Wednesday on.  It was pretty spectacular.
For the 4th we took a bit of a drive to have dinner at this restaurant that is right over the Niagara River.  This was our view:
Then we headed down to the park for fireworks.  Hub taught the kids to play Blackjack while we waited.

The next day we got up early and headed down to PA to go to our favorite little zoo, and to the beach.  It was one of those rare days where the kids were behaved and all had fun.  There was little complaining. It’s hard to only pick a few photos to show here—I love them all so much!

The rest of the week, we really just relaxed (well, I went out to dinner and to see Magic Mike with some girlfriends too). Our trip to BJ’s on Friday yielded this great find:

Oh, and this too:
Even with my raging sinus infection, I would say this was the best mini-vacation we’ve had in quite some time.  Bring on the rest of the summer!

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  1. Gorgeous pics!! I love how all the animals were all "Screw this, I'm submerging myself b/c it's balls hot!"You got a kid with your box of waffles? I should check my freezer to make sure I didn't get one too and not notice.

  2. I feel like you are in a really awesome stage right now as far as kid ages go. I alternate between wanting to keep L a baby forever and looking at pics like these and wishing I could fast forward to an easier life.

  3. I feel weirdly emotional reading this post. It looks like a truly wonderful vacation. The kids look so happy, you look relaxed (despite sinus). I am so pleased that you had fun. Lots of love, paprika

  4. Dude, the animals LOOK HOT.I love all the pictures. You all look relaxed and happy and…good.


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