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Friday Free For All

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  • ·         I have now been sick for more than 3 weeks.  A call to the dr. yesterday, after having finished my z-pak on Tuesday and still not being well yielded this advice: Try some Advil Cold and Sinus and saline spray.  Call me Monday if that doesn’t help.  Um…really?  3 weeks, lady.  3 weeks of a cold, that turned in to a clogged ear that turned in to the worst sinus pain and pressure I’ve ever had, and you tell me Advil? She didn’t even tell me herself either; she had the receptionist call me back.  I hope I don’t end up at urgent care this weekend.  I just want to be better.  I have plans!
  • ·         Liv, who has always had a rather difficult personality, has really kicked it up a notch these past few weeks.  I’m talking screaming, tantruming, hitting me, (she actually bitch slapped me at bedtime the other night.  I can’t even.) and I am at a total loss.  I don’t know what to do with her, and it makes me sad.
  • ·         I need to have my eyebrows waxed but I am afraid because my face has gotten a bit tan.  I don’t want eyebrow tan lines.  Could you imagine? The alternative is bushy eyebrows though.  I think I’m screwed.
  • ·         Keeping all 3 kids out of camp on Fridays was a Very Bad Idea.
  • ·         I went swimming (in our 3-foot pool) with the kids yesterday. They were amazed and all like “Mama, you can swim??” Where have they been for the past 8 years?
  • ·         We have found 3 dead rats in our yard this summer.  We don’t know where they have come from, only that the dog has killed them.  I think they are passing through our yard from one of the neighbors behind us because Haley has been spending a ton of time behind our garage.  I am beyond skeeved out.  Beyond Skeeved.
  • ·         Finally, today I was reminded of this email forward I got several years ago at work.  My friend and I laughed for days, and every year or so, she will send it to me, or I will send it to her.  The email body is this: My friend is getting rid of his dog (FREE).  His wife says the dog stares at her all day. See picture below:

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  1. I so relate re: Liv's rough patch. Pretty much every time you tell a Liv story, I am reminded of Adriana. We just got out of a month-long spree of hitting, tantrums, and tears, and it was the suck. All I can say is HANG IN THERE!!! And I hope you have lots of chocolate and/or wine.

  2. 3 weeks?! Ugh. I hope you're feeling better soon!


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