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I’ve considered purchasing a domain name and moving my site for quite a while now.  It’s not as if I bring in a ton of traffic, but I like the idea of having my own space. Even as blogging seems to be on the decline, it is a part of me and I like the feeling of owning it.  So here it is, along with all of my old posts and sans pseudonyms.  Is anyone really typing all my kids names in to a search engine to find me anyway?  Probably not.  And if they are, so be it.  I don’t have anythingmuch to hide.

Place missing segue here:
So my girls’ trip is this weekend, and of course I am most excited about spending time with Shelly, Becky and Kori, but second to that, I am excited about my 3 hours alone each way, in a clean rental car that is not full of crumbs and toys and games and screaming people.  I am excited to listen to whatever I want or to even drive in silence.  I am excited for air conditioning.  I am excited for the longest trip I have ever taken on my own.

I’m the type of person who enjoys silence and being alone with my thoughts.  With 3 kids around, I seldom get that opportunity.  So yes, I’m looking forward to the drive, and to hopefully come back as a more relaxed mama.

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  1. Like the new space – so exciting!!

    Cannot wait for this weekend. Could not be more perfect timing!!!

  2. I am freakishly excited about this weekend.

  3. I found you! Can you believe we’ve been friends since about 2000? Amazing. I hope you have a fabulous time, the best bit will be the time to yourself – I guarantee it (not to say that these wonderful women are not amazing, but when you never get that space to think, it is like a precious and rare gift). I will be thinking of you!

  4. I hope you have a great time!

  5. I can’t seem to make my blog look right, so I might be doing this soon too. Looks great!

    You ladies have fun on your trip – what a fun group!


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