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Things that Scare Me About Having Another Baby

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  1. I am heavier to start than I have ever been.  Granted, I am the most active I have ever been, so I feel healthy, but I worry about the inevitable weight gain and where it will leave me once I pop the kid out.
  2. The fact that I am sicker than I have ever been with at least 5 more weeks of sickness to go.
  3. Knowing that this is 100% certainly my last pregnancy, and trying to enjoy it and not wish it away.
  4. That this child, who will be so far apart in age from the rest of the kids, will not have an ally.
  5. That between the baby and Hannah, I will never sleep again. Ever.
  6. That I’m going to get stares and snide comments about being pregnant again and having 4 kids.
  7. I feel genuinely bad that it is so easy for me to get pregnant when so many others struggle–to the point that I’m afraid to talk about it–I don’t want to offend.  I am not smug about it, I promise.  And I wish I could pass my fertility on to someone else now that I’m done with it.
  8. I hope my kids won’t hate me for being mean, and feeding them chicken nuggets and cereal for dinner almost every night.
  9. It really makes me sad that Hannie will no longer be my baby.  And I worry that she’ll be sad about it too and have a hard time adjusting.
  10. Our house is way too small to hold 4 small people, which leads to more remodeling.  Do you remember the big kitchen remodel of Hannah’s pregnancy?  Kill me now.

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  1. I know it’s such an anxious time. Maybe only let yourself worry about one of those things per day. Hugs.

  2. Just so many things to think about. They will resolve eventually, so don’t let it worry you too much!

  3. I think #6 was genuinely Paul’s worst part of my fourth pregnancy! #7 gets to me too—life is so unfair. #3 was such a struggle: “I want this so badly, WHY DO I HATE THIS SO MUCH??”

  4. I know all of this is hard and scary and all that, but I’m sure everything will fall into place.

    My youngest was born ten years after my daughter and everyone adjusted just fine, and they are best buddies even now and with the ten year gap.

    P.S. There is nothing wrong with chicken nuggets and cereal! Add boxed mac & cheese and you have what my older kids survived on for about a year. No harm done.

  5. You’ll be fine. I know it’s overwhelming but people have done more with much less. Baby Rita/Hummus will be loved, adored and well cared for. What more could s/he ask for?

  6. #6 sucks, and you probably will get some comments, but I find it doesn’t even matter. If you have 1 you get comments about only children, if you have 2 of the same you get questions about trying for the other, if you have 1 of each you get comments about being done, if you have 3 you get comments about the middle child, if you have 4 you get comments about “how that happens harhar” and I’m SURE you get comments for more than 4 that are just as frustrating.
    I’ve started just ignoring people. 🙂 A smile and a nod is all it takes.
    Hang in there!

    • This! My oldest was our only for 6.5 years and there were so. many. comments. about only children. Now we have two and there are comments about having two. I swear, no matter how many kids you have, someone is going to think there is something wrong with it. Bah!

  7. Well, I have trouble getting pregnant and I am NOTHING BUT HAPPY for you. If you want to take Sachin, too, that would be OK on most days.

  8. I totally know what you mean with #7. I only have two kids, but they were both conceived while we were actively trying to NOT get pregnant, if you know what I mean. I wish I could pass some super-fertility along to someone else… 🙂
    Also – have you had an ultrasound? Sometimes when you’re a lot sicker than other pregnancies, it means multiples… 😉

  9. If anyone comments on the size of your family, please tell them to shut their whore mouths. Or I will.

  10. Oh, to pass along the fertility. Wouldn’t that be so so great?

    I always worried about the existing baby when pregnant with a new baby. Always. Hannie is tough. You guys are all going to be ok.

    And four kids is awesome! I feel like people are just having bigger families now. And four is amazing. I am beyond thrilled for you guys.

  11. I guess #4 is irrelevant, #5 is more true than you’d ever like, and maybe you’ll need to start looking for a bigger house. 😉

  12. Guess you dont have to worry bout this one having an allie now right!?!

  13. I agree with the commenter above. No matter what you do, someone will always have a snide remark/unwanted opionion they will share with you. My sister and her husband have no kids (it’s an actual life choice they made long ago), they get crap for that all the time. My neighbor has 5 kids across the street and I hear what people say about them. You just can’t win. Try not to care… 🙂


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