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I had my first doctor’s appointment yesterday, and it went probably as well as it could go.  I was a little bit put off when the nurse, after dipping the test, asked what sort of result we were expecting.  I looked at her in horror, and Ed was like ‘if she’s not pregnant, then she has the worst flu in the history of EVER.’, and she laughed and said that of course it was positive an hahahaha, and I nearly fainted. Don’t screw with the pregnant lady, ok?


Ed showed up to the appointment on a whim; he had some work cancel.  I really don’t care if he comes to the doctor with me or not.  I believe he’s been to all of the past first appointments with me, so it was nice that he was there, although the only thing that was accomplished was a lot of digging around in my girly bits.


I transferred from my old practice of midwives (they disbanded and left my least favorite doctor as the only OB in the practice) to this practice around 10 or 12 weeks in to my pregnancy with Hannah, so this was my first experience at the beginning of a pregnancy with them. Ed was not asked to leave the room so they could ask me in private if he beats me.  We didn’t have a long talk abut my feeeeelings on the pregnancy, or talk about lead paint.  It was different than what I am used to.


We did talk about the neural scan to be done between 11 and 13 weeks though.  Where it was always presented to me as optional in the past, they made it seem like it was required.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but Ed reminded me as we left that I’ve never done it before.  I don’t think I will do it this time either.  It would not make a difference in the outcome of the pregnancy for me, so I really see no point.


In all though, it was a really good appointment. I made sure that we can schedule an induction like we did with Hannah to avoid (1) Big Baby and (2) hypoglycemia and the NICU, and I got permission to keep going to Zumba as long as I scale it back if I feel at all uncomfortable.  I liked the NP, who I have never seen before, and I will see my regular doctor next month.


Tomorrow, my dating ultrasound is scheduled for 2:45.  I’m pretty certain of the timing of things, even though my phone crashed and I lost all the data in my handy dandy app, but they like a dating sonogram to be sure. I like the early sonogram to see the heart beat–it makes me more comfortable with telling the world…which we will probably do soon, because secrets are hard man!  As things stand today, my due date is March 27th, with potential induction to be scheduled the week of 3/18.


So! Things are looking good so far! And thanks to Unisom and B6, I’ve been feeling much better–to the point where I’ve actually been hungry the last 2 days.  I just might make it after all!

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  1. Woot woot (which I just typed as “woof woof”) (I laughed…sorry) for girly bits!

    And, again, thumbs up to Team Unisom! I’m glad they’re delivering good things for you.

  2. It will be fun to see the baby this early. I love that our due dates are so close. It’s fun to compare notes. And my NP is already talking possibly inducing at 39 weeks because Z was a big baby. I was induced at 39 weeks last time and had a big baby, so I don’t know what that helps. (Except to keep baby from getting any bigger than that, I suppose.) I just didn’t like that we had to talk induction at my very first appointment. I’d rather go into labor naturally when baby is ready. And I picked this office, because I hear they are better about that than others around town. We’ll see how the next appointment with one of the actual doctors goes in a few weeks.

  3. Can’t WAIT to get an update tomorrow!!!


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