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I don’t think I have blinked since yesterday.

The day started out normal enough.  I had a breakfast meeting with Ed’s web designer, and then Ed and I went to our favorite coffee shop for a snack before going to the movies.  We saw The Bourne Legacy and I started drinking my water like I was supposed to at 2.

We arrived for the appointment on time, got registered, and waited.  When the tech came out, she said she would take me back first to get some initial measurements, and then call Ed back in a few minutes.

The table was positioned where it wasn’t overly comfortable for me to look at the screen, but I did anyway, and as soon as she started swirling the thinger around on my belly, I saw it.  2 dark areas in the abyss of my uterus.  In the back of my mind, I already knew it was twins.  I can’t explain it, but I just knew.  It was one of those things where I didn’t say anything aside from joking, because everyone says “Hahahahaaa, I’m probably having twins!” and then they move merrily on their way with singletons.  But honestly, I knew.  So, just as I was about to ask the tech if those 2 blobs meant what I thought they did, she turned off the machine, and said she was going to get Ed.

That pretty much clinched it for me, and as soon as he was in the room, the door closed, and the machine turned back on, the tech said “So, you are having twins!” Ed was certain that she was joking.  That I had set up some elaborate ruse with the tech, just to get him.  Until he saw my face, that is, which I am sure was contorted in to a mix between craze and terror.  And until I started letting off a string of profanity and mumbo jumbo and who knows what else.  Then we went through the rest of the ultrasound, and terms like Baby A and Baby B began floating around and I died because sometime in March I will have 5 kids and need to sport a Duggar hairdoo and denim jumper.  (Trust me.  I know there are perfectly normal people who have 5 kids.  But I was having a moment.)

So anyway, the rest of yesterday was a blur, though I got many encouraging words from all of The Internets and from my cousin Em, who is a twin herself and is (1)normal and (2) knows that a lot of my anxiety stems from telling my mother. Anyway.  I appreciate all of you more than you know; you are really saving my sanity.

And now, we wait, I guess.  I feel like calling the doctor and saying “Hey! I’m having TWINS! What are you going to DO about it??” but I don’t think that will get me anywhere.  I think I will sign up for the 11 week high tech ultrasound though, even though we didn’t plan on it initially.  The outcome likely won’t change anything, but I feel like in this situation, I need to be as prepared as possible. Plus, I get to see them again! And, my original OB who left my old  favorite midwife practice is the head of the high risk shenanigans at our hospital, and I will get to talk with her about it.

Ok! So, here is what we know about the twins so far:

  • 2 separate sacs, with a thick membrane in between, which means fraternal babies who will have their own fluid and placenta.
  • they measured at just over 7 weeks, which is a week smaller than they should based on my last period–supporting my theory that antibiotics caused a second ovulation (double ovulation, at that!!).
  • My official due date is April 1st, but twins can come much earlier! April Fools day! But I can assure you, this is not a joke!

Last night when we were in bed, Ed told me that he feels like he won the lottery.  That this is the best thing that has ever happened to him.  That we are going to be great, and have so much fun.

I really hope he’s right.


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  1. He said the exact perfect thing. Congratulations!

  2. It helps that Ed is so on board with this. I’m glad you have his support. You’ll figure it all out, and you’ll be an awesome mom of twins and 5 children!

  3. I think I read every single twin pregnancy book, and my top favorite was When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy, by Barbara Luke. Sensible, and it faces all the scary parts head-on—but it also gives practical things you can do to reduce the chances of those scary parts. (Mostly it involves eating. She suggests Snickers bars. You see why I love her.)

  4. Omfg a denim jumper. You forgot the hair you need duggar hair too. But you crack me up with your profanities and jumpers. Ha. Good luck.

  5. Ooh, Ed’s comment made me tear up. That’s a good man right there. & he’s right, you DID win the lottery. So you weren’t aware you were playing the lottery, big deal. These babies were meant to have you guys for parents. Will it be exhausting? Yes. Will it be crazy in your house? Yes. Will you buy a denim jumper? NO! (I will not allow it) But it will all work out. You will have a house full of kids you love who love you with a ferocity unmatched by anything.


  6. NO jumper, but awesome husband! Congrats again!

  7. I swear I would have collapsed right off the table onto the floor if it had been me. And that wouldn’t have been good for me OR the twins (twins!). But Ed’s comment is just the SWEETEST. What a great attitude. Hopefully that will really set the tone for the whole pregnancy for you. And think! TWO babies to name! Swistle will have a field day!

  8. I am just SO THRILLED about this. I CANNOT EVEN. I feel like *I* won the lottery! SO THRILLED AIEE!!!!

  9. No matter what your husband does from now until the babies are born to annoy you or bother you or how much he doesn’t understand what you’re going through, remember those words. That is priceless and beautiful.
    I am very excited for you!
    p.s. I hear chocolate is very good for you when you’re carrying twins. (Okay, I just made that up, but use it if you must.)

  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you even though i’m sure you’re still in shock/terrified mode. I don’t know if this helps but I was 1 of 5 kids and growing up in a big family was AWESOME. Plus, hopefully you’ll have older kids that want to help. I’ve heard that adding #4 and #5 are the supposed to be the least painful transition. Of course, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says because that’s a hell of a lot to wrap your mind around! And Ed deserves a giant gold star!

  11. Ed is a good cookie. I’m glad you have him.

    Also, my eyes went back to this: OO when I told T last night.

    I’m so super duper excited for you.

  12. g2-8fcc60a4e89d084b5d239e624c71e0ec

    First, I want to say that your amazing cousin Em is right about everything, although normal isn’t always the word I’d use to describe her. Haha. Seriously, though, my mom says that even though having twins is hard when they are little, it’s wonderful and that she feels sorry for people who didn’t have twins.

    Second, you should definitely have a baby shower for them down the road, because you’ve gotten rid of all your baby stuff. I will come and bring presents. 😉 And anything else I can think of that we have that we won’t need anymore (although I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of my baby stuff, too, I still have some).

    I’m so excited for you and Ed. I think it will be awesome!!

    • What the heck did it do to my name? Weird.

    • I totally agree with everything! (Except the part about me not being normal) 😉 hehe. I love love love being a twin. If I could plan it, I would have twins, because it is the best thing that ever happened to me!
      I want to bring you presents, too!
      And I think Ed is absolutely right – you HAVE won the lottery. It’s going to be amazing. Hard, yes. Worth it? Totally. You were made to be a mom! God doesn’t create life by accident, and He knows you guys are meant to be parents to five kids 🙂 (and if you start wearing denim jumpers, we are going to have an intervention…) 😉

  13. He’s right, it WILL be great and you WILL have so much fun.
    Also, welcome to the surprise-baby-due-to-a-second-ovulation-while-practicing-rhythm-method-birth-control club (SBDTASOWPRMBCC, as we’re commonly known.)

  14. i am now totally in love with your husband!

    Oh my, yes, you deserve a shower!

    I would SO come to your shower!

    I am NOT going to try to catch up with you!

    Holy twins, batman!!!

  15. Oh, Ed wins at best thing for husband to say ever. It is going to be a BLAST. Makes me want to buy a plane ticket. 🙂

  16. Darn it! I guess I have to forgive him for making unfortunate comments about hippie things and your nausea now! I’m so glad you have such a great husband to stand by you for this amazing adventure =)!

  17. readingandchickens

    I love Ed. It is good he is yours, and I have my Gregg, otherwise I might steal him from a lesser woman. (OK, I wouldn’t because I’m not a hussy, but you know, heart melting.) I was just talking to my pregnant friend about how scary twins were, but honestly, I get the appeal too. TWO people who will be together for life, all because of you and Ed. It’s a little bit like love, but better.


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