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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 11

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We had a bit of a scare yesterday.  There was blood, and lots of it.  It actually started on Sunday, but honestly, I thought that I irritated something know, activity with Ed on Saturday night.  It stopped and I thought all was well, until I got up with Hannah yesterday morning to quite a sight.

I went back and forth over whether or not to call the doctor at the ungodly hour of 5:30am or wait it out until the office was open.  I was panicked though, and did call and the (very annoyed sounding) doctor called me back around 6 and told me to go to the emergency room.  “Don’t eat anything, just in case you will need surgery.”, she told me.  Very reassuring.

We dragged the poor kids out of bed and to the hospital with us, and Ed’s brother and fiance met us there to keep an eye on them. I had blood work, a sonogram and an internal exam, and everything was normal–we had 2 heart beats, closed sacs and a closed cervix.  By this time, I wasn’t actively bleeding anymore. Everything was chalked up to a fluke.  Could have been a blood vessel that broke, could have been anything really.  They had no idea.  So I was sent home with instructions to take it easy for a few days, no lifting the kids, no work in general, just basically bed rest.  So I stayed in bed and on the couch for the rest of the day, and today I am down in my office, but am doing my best to just sit here, and not go upstairs and do the dishes and clean up the kitchen (I swear, I take one day off and the house has EXPLODED), and take care of the 5 loads of laundry we have.

We are cautiously ok, I think.

It was really cool to see the babies again.  Where they seemed so far away from each other on my initial sonogram, they are one right next to the other now, head to head, just hanging out snug as bugs.  We didn’t get to keep a picture, ER and all (plus, their machine was hoopty and OLD) but now I am really looking forward to my high resolution scan next week.

As if to reassure me, I started feeling some of that fizzy bubbling yesterday, my first indication that they are moving around in there.  It was slight, but unmistakeable.

I still don’t know whether to consider myself as 12 weeks or 11 weeks along.  The hospital seemed hellbent on going by my LMP rather than the sizing date we were given.  When people ask when I am due, I just say “Sometime in March.”

I’m at the point of not being able to wear my favorite sweats anymore; a very sad thing. But I’ve maintained not being sick for nearly a week, and can even drink coffee again without wanting to die (in moderation, I promise). issues yesterday aside, I’ve been feeling pretty good.

I’m looking forward to my appointment on Thursday, and again, the sonogram on Monday.

And OH! Yesterday, Eddie kindly pointed out that I was getting more of those “pale squiggly lines” on my belly! A good sign that the babies are growing! OMG.

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  1. SO GLAD you are all ok. xo

  2. Scary! So glad everything is okay.

  3. Please tell Guacamole and Margarita to kindly stay put and I will buy them a pony.

  4. Oh, I’m so glad everything was ok. I worry enough during a singleton pregnancy about loss/complications; I know I would flat out lose my mind during a multiple gestation! You sound like you’re doing so well with everything though. I’m impressed. Can’t wait til you’re out of the first trimester and we can get some real baby bump pictures! 🙂

  5. so glad you’re all right! it’s not fair to have scary things happen when you’re pregnant . . .


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