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Friday Free for All

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  • I shopped our huge consignment sale yesterday, and for the grand total of $101 and change scored a double snap and go, two (2) bouncy seats and two (2) swings.  For the 2 babies who will inhabit this house in six (6) months or so.  And if that doesn’t make you OMG I do not know what will.
  • I also bought clothes and boots and coats for the other kids and Niece and scored some newborn diapers for 5 bucks, and 2 boxes of my favorite breast pads.  consigning man…it’s where it’s at
  • I’m actually getting ready to go work my shift at the sale right now.  I need to put on some makeup.  I love love love working it though.  Not enough where I would ever consider going back in to retail, but enough where I enjoy doing it for 8 hours 2 times a year.
  • The monthly assembly at school today…PTA was recognized and since El Presidente was not there, I got to stand up and be recognized in front of the whole school.  Twice. So that was fun, and not at all my worst nightmare.
  • I am so pleased to be back in the world of coffee drinkers, (in moderation, i promise!!) I cannot even tell you.

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  1. TWO BABIES!!! I wonder if I’ll ever get used to typing that while referring to you.


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