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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 13

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Tomorrow begins my second trimester.  HOLLA!  I’m still sort of in awe that I’ve been pregnant for such a short period of time, because it seems like it has been forever already.  I am enjoying it though, as best as I can since it is for certain my very last.

I’ve really noticed feeling better over the last week or so, save for my bout with food poisoning over the weekend.  Now is the time to start putting on some weight, as much as I am struggling with the fact that I need to put on more than the standard amount, and that I need to do it fairly quickly before they run out of room to grow.  I put on something like 60 pounds when I was pregnant with Eddie, and lost maybe 40 of it.  Then, with Cait, I gained maybe 15 total pounds and I lost 40 before she was a year old, getting back to sort of normal.  I don’t remember how much I gained with Hannah, but I lost almost none of it and managed to gain weight in the postpartum period with her.  I’ve maintained my current weight, fluctuating by 5 or 10 pounds here or there for the last 2 years.

Anyway, what I’m saying in my rambling is that I know that in order to have healthy and non-tiny twins, I need to gain more weight than is normally recommended by someone in my current state of being quite overweight. But I struggle between knowing this and actually doing it because of what I have been told my entire adult life AND in my 3 previous pregnancies–don’t put on weight! You are large! It is not necessary! Except for this time it is. So yeah, hard.

I’ve discovered some particularly odd aversions over the last week or so as well.  Things I cannot tolerate? Bacon, Nutella, and anything containing HFCS.  I can taste it! It leaves a horrible aftertaste! It SUUUUCKS. Especially since Ed brought home the rainbow sherbet I wanted and all it is, is a huge bucket of HFCS.  Woe.

Something that is different this time around as well, is that I have no solid and constant cravings.  I remember my previous pregnancy cravings SO! Vivdly! (Eddie-Twinkies and root beer, Cait: Strawberries and Cream Frappuccinos WITH a shot of vanilla powder, Hannah: All of the Onions) and right now…I have nothing.  I’ve had hankerings, but no actual cravings.  It’s weird.

In any case, 13 weeks over! 2nd trimester ahoy! We’ve made it!!

I should probably start taking some regular belly shots.

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  1. Twinkies and root beer…. that’s the best craving I’ve ever heard of!

  2. It is definitely hard to actively work to put on weight. I found it helped a LITTLE if I thought of it as “packing in food” as opposed to “packing on weight.” Like, I would try to eat a lot of meat and cheese and spinach at dinner, and try to have a lot of smoothie the next morning and some eggs later on—rather than trying to make numbers go up. It’s like the same thing they tell us on the way down (don’t focus on the numbers, just focus on what you’re putting in your mouth), but the opposite!


    I can’t even believe your luck with the HFCS. What the hell.

    And I had SUCH a hard time gaining weight with two. (Quite the opposite while pregnant with Ezra.) (Sixty pounds there.) Between caring for toddler Ezra and just being so tired, ugh. My doctor recommended protein shakes but I thought they tasted like poo.

    I just tried to make a concerted effort to eat anything that remotely sounded good. I thought of it? I ate it.


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