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Manic Monday

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When I woke up feeling moderately nauseous yesterday, I assumed that it was because I didn’t take my Unisom.  I felt progressively worse through the afternoon though, until I got violently ill, and stayed that way through the evening and all through the night.  Fun times, let me assure you.  I didn’t have any other symptoms, no fever or anything, so my conclusion is food poisoning.  The shrimp alfredo I’d ordered on Saturday night tasted a bit off in the restaurant and I chalked it to everything tasting mildly dodgy to me during this pregnancy.  I even ate my leftovers after midnight when I was starving.  Ugh…it was a big mistake.

I think I’m feeling better today though.  I’ve been able to keep down water, a bagel and now some tea.  I hope it lasts because I don’t want to end up in the hospital.

Though Sunday sucked, Saturday was pretty awesome.  We had the usual TKD, football and gymnastics on Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon was when I ate the fateful dinner with my girlfriends, and then we went to make cards.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since we’ve gone, but it was so fun and the cards were awesome.  I mean, look!  I can’t believe I did these myself.

I also can’t believe that me going out with these girls almost 2 years ago because of Ed’s mistake has turned in to such a great friendship.  I feel like such a dork even saying it, but I thought that my days of making friends outside of the internet were over.  Little did I know that all it would take was my kids going to school.  Anyway…I’m a pregnant sap.  But we had fun!

We also had my niece all day Saturday, which meant Ed had all 4 of the kids from about 4:00 on.  He got brave and took them all to Lowe’s and out to dinner.  He called me at one point to tell me that people were making comments about him having his hands full…just you wait!! Also, one man after Ed said they weren’t all his–one was his niece, guessed automatically that Cait was the niece as the other 3 are so fair. Usually it is Hannah who sticks out, so we thought that was fun.

Anyway, when he got the kids home, Ed hung my pictures that have been down since we got our new furniture (in May!!), and hung the new lights he bought.  We’ve been tired of our pole lamps forever now, and these are just gorgeous.  Here is one, with a bonus Hannah photobomb. (She kept me company and we stayed in jammies yesterday while the others went out to my brother’s for the football game.)

I had planned on spending the whole day yesterday on finishing up my consigning, but my sickness felled me, so I need to finish today.  My plan is to have Ed load everything up for me tomorrow so I am set to go on Wednesday. Then it is all consignment all the time from Thursday on.  I cannot wait! It’s my favorite thing!!

This means I should get to work, rather than dink around here though.  Consignment Ahoy!

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  1. I LOVE the story of the mistaken invitation leading to such a great friendship two years later!!


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