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Questions for Saturday

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As with NaBloPoMo in years past, I give you questions for Saturday. I will answer them Monday.

  1. What is your least favorite chore, and please tell me why.
  2. What is your favorite throw together quick meal?
  3. Are you watching any new TV? What should I be watching?
  4. What is your favorite vegetable?

Have a happy day!

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  1. 1) Picking up clutter/organizing anything. Give me a dust rag or a bottle of Windex any day of the week.

    2) Simple basic spaghetti with jar sauce is our 10 minute meal.

    3) I have really fallen in love with 666 Park Avenue and Nashville.

    4) I eat just about any vegetable and I can’t think of my favorite right now.

  2. 1) cleaning tubs/showers. I never feel like I got it clean enough and I always feel gross and dirty afterward.
    2) Pasta with chicken, veggies, and (jarred) Alfredo sauce.
    3) The only show I actually watch when it’s on is Vampire Diaries. Although I do also like Project Runway.
    4) Probably broccoli. Which is weird since I hated it as a kid.

  3. 1. My least favorite job is vacuuming. I don’t know why, but it just ENRAGES me. I think it might be the loud noise and the stupid cord getting tangled and stuff all over the floor and ARRRRG.

    2. My favorite quick meal is taco salad.

    3. –

    4. My favorite vegetable is broccoli.

  4. 1. It’s a tie between mopping floors and vacuuming stairs. Party because it’s such hard physical work it kills my back, partly because I never feel like I do a wonderful job and partly because it never lasts for long.
    2. Chipotle
    3. As for new shows this year, I’m sort of loving Nashville. For old shows I am loving Sons of Anarchy and Walking Dead.
    4. Asparagus

  5. You’re actually doing NaBloPoMo!! 😀 I’ve done it every year in the past, but I don’t think it’s even a possibility this year. I suppose I could try to start and backdate a post for yesterday. Hmm… We’ll see how bored I get today. 😉

    1. Dishes…because I have to hand wash them all.
    2. Chili
    3. Revolution! You must watch it. So, so good!!
    4. Carrots

  6. 1. Probably the tub, because I could scrub it after every time it is used, and I still wouldn’t feel like it’s clean after the next time it’s used. Therefore, I do it far less than I should. Logical.
    2. If I have ten minutes, pasta with sauce from a jar (add a few spices and slice up something like a zucchini and add it to the sauce and DONE) or cheese quesadillas.
    3. New? No, I only watch a few shows — The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Project Runway, Parenthood … the rest gets lost in the shuffle. When New Baby finally gets a bedtime and falls asleep at night, maybe I will watch some good TV again! 🙂
    4. I love pretty much all of them, but maybe asparagus?

  7. 1) Vacuuming stairs, dusting, and cleaning the toilets are all tied. And I don’t mean using the brush to clean the toilet — I mean cleaning the floor around it and the outsides of the bowl, because SOMEONE in my house can’t be bothered to aim when he pees. Ahem.

    2) Frozen pizza. Newman’s Own frozen pizza is better than any delivery pizza, IMO. Although spaghetti with jarred sauce (Bertolli Olive Oil and Garlic is a favorite) and premade meatballs (Harris Teeter’s turkey meatbals are pretty much the only ground meat I ever use. Mash/slice them up if you need actual ground meat instead of meatballs) is a close second.

    3) I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, Sons of Anarchy, and Nashville. I also like Big Bang Theory, Suburgatory, and New Girl. And Grey’s Anatomy, God help me. (Yeah. I watch a lot of TV.) Oh, and Parenthood.

    4) Is cake a vegetable? No? What if it’s carrot cake? (Asparagus is the one I really can’t stand. Hate the taste, hate the texture, really hate the way it makes my pee smell. It’s Kevin’s favorite veggie so I make him pee in the guest bathroom on nights he eats it. And since I’ve been pregnant, he has to go downstairs to pee in the middle of the night or the smell will wake me up from down the hall. Pregnancy nose sucks.)

  8. 1. Washing dishes. I always end up soaked because I can’t seem to keep the water in the sink.
    2. Breakfast for dinner.
    3. Nope. The only things I watch right now are The Good Wife and old episodes of The West Wing (for the first time).
    4. Butternut squash, if we’re just talking my favorite to eat. It’s a pain to prepare, though.

  9. 1. I hate doing the dishes. Probably because no matter how much they are done, they are never DONE. Know what I mean?
    2. Um, we eat a lot of cereal.
    3. TV? What’s that? I can tell you that I just read some awesome books though! (God that sounds sanctimonious. I just don’t like the moving picture box. I did watch a cute RomCom the other day called The Rebound on Netflix.)
    4. Asparagus! Yum.

  10. 1. This isn’t really a chore per se, but I freaking hate checking and sorting and deling with mail. If left to my own devices, it piles up.
    2. Stir fry in which the beef is already cut up, I buy the pre-cut veggies, sauce is bottled and I choose egg noodles over rice. I feel lazy just typing that.
    3. We have just started watching Dr. Who on Netflix. I think the only new show I have added is Emily Owens MD, it’s just okay.
    4. Cucumbers, preferably dipped in plain yogurt with some hidden valley ranch powder mixed in. Yum.

  11. 1. Can I just say all of them? Dusting and vacuuming are probably the highest but I can’t say I like or enjoy doing in chore. They are chores for a reason because they are not fun.
    2. BBQ Cups – hamburger meat and BBQ sauce stuffed in a cup shaped biscuit and topped with cheese. Super easy and everyone loves them.
    3. Our new favorite is Revolution. Of course we watch a lot of other shows but that one is one of the few new ones this year.
    4. Carrots – I have always loved carrots but I prefer them raw rather than cooked.


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