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Friday Free for All

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  • Halloween was ok around these parts.  Cold and Rainy.  Hannah made it to maybe 3 houses before she was back and sitting on the porch with me to hand out candy.  She was bored before 7, and went inside where she promptly fell asleep on the couch.  I was sure she’d wake up sick yesterday morning, but I guess she was just wiped out.
  • I thought that maybe if I shopped for the babies a little bit, I might be a little less overwhelmed.  Ha ha ha ha…no. And Cait was with me marveling over baby shoes, and didn’t understand why I find them to be completely unnecessary and wouldn’t buy them, and it was just more stressful than it needed to be. I did buy them each 2 super cute matching outfits though, and shared a decaf peppermint mocha with Caitlyn, so it was an overall win.
  • When I showed Eddie the Little Brother Sleeper, he did a little dance and was all giggly.  This is a kid who rarely shows emotion, so for him to be legitimately excited…well, it just makes me happy.  He’s been in a very good mood since we found out. 4 sisters might have been a lot to deal with.
  • It’s occurred to me that with all the other issues I had at the beginning, I never spoke to my OB about delivery options. I don’t want an automatic c-section because I’m having twins, you know? I do want the safest possible delivery for the baby, but I’m not on board with not having options. So this is a conversation that is on tap for my next appointment, when I will conveniently have both of the big kids with me.
  • NaBloPoMo Ahoy!

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  1. Matching boy/girl outfits make me HAPPY!

    If I were having boy/girl twins, I would SO be dressing them up as Raggedy Anne/Andy for Halloween. Well, until my hubs would BOYCOTT, but STILL! THE CUTENESS!!!

  2. Aww, I love how excited he is about a brother!


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