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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–Week 20

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Man, making it through 20 weeks seems momentous somehow.  Officially half way there, even though we actually may be more than half way.  Babies who continue to be  healthy, feeling generally good. I just…I feel so blessed to be here, regardless of how miserable I may be in moments.  I am here.  Carrying 2 babies. Healthy babies even after the complications and bleeding and sheer terror at the beginning.  And I am healthy too, and I just feel like nothing else really matters, you know? I can be miserable, sure, but the rest is what’s important.  My babies.

My 20 week OB appointment was yesterday, and aside from getting my (HOLY OW!) Tdap shot, it was chock full of information.  We hadn’t talked at all about delivery so I wanted to get that out there.  I may labor in an OR regardless of the babies’ positions.  Their preference is to have both head down for an attempted vaginal delivery. Because I have been successful in my 3 previous births, if only Baby A is head down, I will be allowed to try for a vaginal. If Baby A is breach, regardless of B’s position, it is c-section city. Or, if I prefer (I don’t) I can just opt for a c-section regardless of the positioning. This gives me a lot of hope.  Obviously, I want what is safe for the babies, but if I can make it without surgery so I don’t have to worry about that recovery on top of dealing with 2 newborns, I’m there.

Time will tell, of course.  I am on schedule for a scan every 4 weeks for the next 8 weeks, and then we will be on every 2 week appointments and scans going forward to make sure that one baby isn’t crowding the other, to keep an eye on positioning, placentas, and fluid. And if we make it that far,the last 6-8 weeks will have me on a weekly schedule for all of the above plus stress tests. It’s all so technical with twins, and I am glad for my peace of mind.

I’ve also finally gained weight–9lbs in the last 4 weeks to be exact–and while I wouldn’t want that to be the monthly trend for the rest of the pregnancy, I’m glad that we have seemed to round that corner.  And no wonder my hips are sore–that’s a lot to put on in the course of a month. But good.  Especially since I am not craving anything in particular…just All the Food.

We talked a little bit about work, and me being sore and uncomfortable. Basically, I get to say when enough is enough, BUT if I am too uncomfortable to sit in a chair in front of a computer, then it is likely time for modified bed rest. Those aren’t really my favorite words. I think I will work through the end of the year at the very least.  I have something like 12 vacation days to use between now and then anyway, so I can make it.

It was a good appointment, and next month, I will finally see the doctor instead of the NP–which isn’t to say that I have a problem with the NP–my midwives at my 1st 2 births were NPs–but I do feel better having the doctor involved as we get into the riskier side of things.

So! 20 weeks down! This is good!

Except for still having no names.  Nope…none at all.

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  1. It seems so strange hearing you talk about “if” you make it to the last 6-8 weeks. You could have babies 2 months before mine, and we’re due at the exact same time. Strange…but also the nature of multiples.

    I like the options for vaginal birth. I would be happy with that too. At least they aren’t jumping right into c-section. And yay for 20 weeks! It does feel good. 😀


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