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Thoughts on Twin Parenting-Month One…OH and Month Two

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Well I had planned on doing a monthly update, and here we are with the babies turning 2 months old (and then some!) and all I’ve managed is my birth story, so there is one small insight in to how the parenting of twins is going.  I wouldn’t call it difficult, per se, but it is certainly busy.  24/7 busy for sure.  Add in 3 more kids and well, I don’t really think I need to paint the picture.

The first month was really quite the blur.  Feedings.  Changings. Some sleep. Really, we were all sort of getting used to each other, and we needed to figure out what worked for us in this situation and what worked for the babies.  Molly was feisty, just as she was in the womb and Gus was very laid back so figuring out how to keep them both happy, at the same time if possible, was a challenge because they both need different things at different times.

I spent the first month feeling guilty that I needed to devote so much time to holding and soothing Molly while Gus was content to just chill in the bouncy seat or in the crib. Unless he needed to be fed or changed, he didn’t need us much at all and with Molly being SO demanding, well, we just sort of let him hang out.  Things evened out a bit in month 2 though.  Angus seemed to wake up a bit and say “Hey! I’m here!” and he demanded more of our attention.  Still not as much as Molly the Queen of Drama, but attention just the same. In fact, as I type this, Molly is next to me in the boppy, demanding to be touched, while Gus is sleeping in the bouncy.

I’m pleased to say that even with being nearly 4 weeks premature, the twins don’t really seem to have any sort of milestone delays.  They are awake and alert for solid chunks during the day.  They are really good at holding up their heads.  They have both started smiling heart-melting smiles right at us in the last week or so.  Also for the last 5 or so days? Sleeping around 7 hours in a row at night.  Consistent with Eddie and Caitlyn and 8 weeks (Hannah, not so much). While I’m hopeful that it continues, I’m not going to hold my breath.

The big kids are very much in love with the babies, sometimes to the point where I am annoyed that they won’t just leave them the hell alone.  Eddie has surprised us in being very interested and helpful. It’s really a fantastic thing to watch, and it is nice to have the help.

The rest of this probably won’t be interesting to anyone but me, except for the photos maybe, but I want to note some things for the record.

Month One Happenings:

  • Gus stayed 3 extra days in the Special Care Nursery
  • As our room was under construction, the twins slept through the noise and chaos
  • We entertained many visitors and were blessed with so many gifts for the babies, and meals for us.
  • The twins met their great great Aunt Rita
  • We went to dinner twice and the movies once as a family of 7.
  • The twins celebrated their first Easter
  • Molly spent 3 days in the hospital thanks to a nasty fever and cellulitis.

Month One Photos:

IMAG0058 (2) IMAG0063 (2) IMAG0064 (2) IMAG0065 (2) IMAG0067 (2) IMAG0070 (2) IMAG0071 (2) IMAG0090 (2) IMAG0096 (2) IMAG0105 (2) IMAG0113 (2) IMAG0114 (2) IMAG0177 (2) IMAG0193 (2) IMAG0195 (2) IMAG0204 (2) IMAG0208 (2)

Month Two Happenings:

  • The babies became more alert
  • Both babies starting smiling
  • Molly gained 3 pounds
  • Gussy gained 2 pounds
  • Gus loves to smile at the living room blinds and lights
  • Molly is coos and gurgles at the animals on her bouncy seat

Month Two Photos:

IMAG0224 (2) IMAG0228 (2) IMAG0229 (2) IMAG0230 (2) IMAG0233 (2) IMAG0235 (2) IMAG0236 (2) IMAG0266 (2) IMAG0267 (2) IMAG0271 (2) IMAG0297 (2) IMAG0304 (2) IMAG0309 (2) IMAG0314 (2) IMAG0318 (2) IMAG0325 (2) IMAG0326 (2) IMAG0330 (2) IMAG0333 (2)

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  1. Love the photo of them in the car seat and bunny ears!

  2. They are too cute for words! And they’ve already changed so much. ❤ SO CUTE! Love the owls I'm seeing everywhere too!

  3. I could no kidding look at pictures of them forever, Sara. They’re PRECIOUS.

    Ezra just came and saw their pictures while I was posting a comment and he exclaimed, “BAAAAABIES!”

  4. Oh. I am so in love. They are so great. I loved the pics with the big siblings, too. You lucky lucky girl.

  5. Were you trying for twins?


    I can’t believe how fast they’re changing. I also have to say I think you are AMAZING!!!

  6. Oh, they are just so cute!

  7. They’re adorable! I especially love the photos of them together, all snuggled up. Precious!

    Congrats again!


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