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Friday Free for All

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  • I am finishing up my first week back at work. It wasn’t nearly as stressful as I thought it wold be. The babies were a little bit fussy with adjusting to their new schedule, but it was mostly smooth sailing.  And even though I miss them, it is really nice to sit alone in my office and drink an entire cup of coffee while it is still hot.
  • The kids are chomping at the bit for summer vacation.  3 half days next week and they are done. I have no idea how I am going to handle having 5 kids home. Thank goodness for summer camp, I guess.
  • We put our garden in a few weeks ago, and for the first time, I neglected to take any pictures.  We’ve had so much rain that I’ve hardly had to do anything.  I have some slug be gone or something like that coming today because something is chewing my leaves, but other than that, I think it’s going well. Gardening is my favorite; I can’t wait until things start to grow!
  • We have 8 pacifiers in rotation here. This seems so ridiculous to me.
  • I am on day 5 of a gluten and dairy free diet.  I’ve eaten more fruits and veggies this week than I have in a really long time.  I feel generally good, if not a little bit hungry. My biggest struggle, as always, is remembering to drink enough water.
  • We booked our shelter for the girls’ birthday party this summer. Part of me thinks I am insane for throwing a huge family picnic with these tiny babies around.
  • We’re also doing a mini vacation to Hershey, PA in July. The kids are beyond excited.  I am mostly excited, except for the whole 7 people in a hotel room situation.

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