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Thoughts on Twin Parenting–Month 6 (SIX!)

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20130901_185544The babies celebrated their half birthday this past weekend, and by celebrate, I mean that we did nothing, but still.  They are six months old and that is half a year, and please time, just slow down, ok? Ok.

We’re getting in to my favorite time of baby times here.  Between 6 and 18 months…man I just love it.  They learn so much every single day.  It really blows my mind. You can just see them taking everything in and processing and really starting to understand the world around them.  I think that’s just aces.

Not much happened this month in the realm of milestones.  Molly is now rolling both ways when she wants to, but really doesn’t want to be bothered.  Gus vocalizes a whole lot, mostly bababa, dadadada and a bunch of ah-dee, which has Eddie convinced that he is speaking his name.  Mol is still more of a squealer and a bubble blower and doesn’t do a whole lot of actual babbling.  We’ve done nothing else with solids, because well, I’m lazy and I don’t feel like spoon feeding 2 babies.  Our 6 month checkup is tomorrow though, so that may change.

Month 6 Happenings:

  • Molly began to roll both ways
  • Gus is a babbler
  • Both babies are moving in to size 6-9 month clothes–Molly more so
  • We were very busy, taking in many sights while enjoying the end of summer.  We went to the county fair, some parks, Cedar Point, and to play mini golf.
  • The babies went swimming for the first time.
  • Gus has decided that both naps, and sleeping all night, is stuff for babies. He will however accept sleeping snuggled up with mom and dad in bed.
  • Molly has decided that life is not worth living unless she can stand up, and wants to be upright pretty much any time she is awake.  It’s as fun for us as it sounds.

Month 6 Photo Dump (the last 6 photos are from my failed attempt at getting them together for their 6 month photo):

20130802_115242 20130802_115306 20130802_115316 20130803_072234 20130803_155614 20130803_155913 20130804_214144 20130806_173408 20130808_191832_4_bestshot 20130809_230818 20130809_234059 20130811_171012 20130811_183056 20130811_183111 20130811_191041 20130812_200946 20130816_111739 20130816_150959 20130816_153446_4_bestshot 20130819_080828 20130819_081507 20130821_191829 20130822_173714 20130822_173734 20130824_104514 20130825_074457 20130825_172927 20130828_203440 20130829_174917 20130829_204617 20130830_101249 20130901_151736 20130901_151921 20130901_154227 20130901_204216 20130901_205053 20130901_205106 20130901_205205 20130901_205336 20130901_205440 20130901_205521 20130901_205535

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  1. I can’t believe they are already 6 months old! Love the pictures… especially those with the big sibs in them!

  2. You make the cutest babies!!

  3. I love, love, LOVE the photos of them together and asleep! SO CUTE.


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