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Totally whispering about how bad our photographer’s breath was

This happened 11 years ago tomorrow, on a Saturday that started off dreary but turned in to a beautiful pre-fall day.   Before doing his reading in church, my brother quoted A Tale of Two Cities and while it wasn’t planned or actually meant to be insightful, but more to make me spit my teeth out that he was deviating from The Wedding Script, it kind of was.  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”. Our priest actually ended up working it in to his homily. As a married couple, we should prepare to experience both the best and worst times together. Forever. We had our pictures taken that day in a local park, that was still kind of new.  Today, that park is hands down the kids’ favorite to go to play. After pictures, and some ill advised limo bus drinking (Ed), we threw a kick ass party. By the end of the night, my face hurt from smiling, I’d barely had time to eat or drink, but I danced my ass off.  It was truly the best night of my life.

Dancing like Elaine

Dancing like Elaine

And now we are here, 11 years, 5 kids and so many other things later.  We’ve had the absolute best and also the absolute worst times.  The constant though, is that we’ve had them together. Ed has been my partner in everything for nearly 20 years, and I could not be any happier.


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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You got married three months before my husband and I started dating! But if I had married the one before him, that would have been disastrous. Here’s to 11 and 60 more.

  2. That was lovely. Congratulations!


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