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This is probably my favorite current photo of the twins.  In Ed’s words “It blows me away that they sit there.  And play. With each other! They are like little people!”

sitting twins

I went with Caitlyn’s class on a field trip today, and she packed my lunch for me.  Salami with spicy brown mustard on wheat, a water bottle, cookies and a granola bar. She’s a really good kid.


Eddie has decided to play the tuba in the school orchestra. Music was so important to me in school for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which was that I was socially awkward and very shy, and music was safe for me. Eddie is neither of the above, BUT is a kid who is just “meh…” about a lot of things, so it pleases me to see him be passionate about something so cool.


Hannah is learning to read and is sounding so many words out, and can figure out how to spell things based on sounds, and it is really cool to watch. I still think of her as my baby, but she really is one of the big kids now.


I turned 35 this week, and Ed went out of his way to make sure I had a really good day.  He even let me take our picture.


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  1. Happy belated birthday. I agree about music being a good passion for kids. My son’s been playing drums for over 3 years and I think it helps relieve school-related stress for him (with luck relieving more than it causes by needing to find time to practice, etc.)

  2. Love these pics! Caitlyn’s haircut is kind of making me want to chop mine. She looks great!


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